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Movement in Scottish Property Market

Data that has been revealed by Registers Scotland shows that the amount of sales in Scotland has leapt by 8.1% between the months of April and June. Not only are sales increasing so is the value of the properties being sold in some areas. This is due to the increased demand from buyers.

According to the data the biggest increase was seen in East Renfrewshire which is an affluent area with properties now selling for £211,899. Having said this, the average price for properties in Scotland have fallen slightly by 0.3% Continue reading

Lack of Housing is Contributing to Increasing Property Prices

The government has introduced a number of schemes to help first time buyers onto the property ladder and it has been working. The amount of properties being sold is increasing as well as the amount of mortgage applications being approved.

Of course there are always going to be streets with expensive price tags which do make them off limits to the average family. If you are looking to buy a home in London, you will need £2 million or above otherwise you are unlikely to be able to find a property in some of the most expensive roads. Continue reading

Large percentage of landlords concerned by Universal Credit

Since Universal Credit was introduced as part of the welfare reforms a few months ago there have been numerous reports from private landlords and housing associations claiming that their businesses and their tenants are suffering as a result. Understandably, many are concerned that their tenants will fall into rent arrears which will lead them having to claim on their rent guarantee insurance or have to cover the costs out of their own income. Continue reading

Criticisms over Letting Agent fees

Letting agencies across the country have come under fire today for charging fees of up to £350 on top of the deposit and rent payments tenants have to pay. The housing charity Shelter recently undertook a ‘secret shopper’ exercise in order to find out how much letting agents are charging their customers on average, and the results have shocked and angered both the charity and those working in the private rented sector. Continue reading

Liverpool Council to crack down on rogue landlords

The issue of rogue landlords is becoming extremely serious recently, especially as there are a number of people in the UK who are living in properties that are a danger to themselves and others around them. For example, one woman in north Liverpool had her entire front room floor eaten away by rats, while other homes in the area were found to be infested with a type of mould known to cause cancer. This investigation was carried out by the housing charity Shelter, and the shocking results have led to Liverpool Council considering bringing in mandatory registration for all landlords. Continue reading

London landlords not taking electrical safety seriously

It has been reported today that a substantial number of landlords in the London area are not taking the electrical safety of their properties seriously enough, which has led to many housing bodies voicing their concerns. Ensuring all electric fittings are safe is a legal requirement for all landlords, but according to a study conducted by the Electrical Safety Council nearly a quarter of tenants in private rented accommodation in London are at risk of being harmed due to faulty electrical wiring. Continue reading

New Spanish Law for Landlords

Many Britons in recent years who have retired have headed to Spain for a new life as well as those who are investing in a home to rent out to generate some extra income. However the Spanish government have planned to come down hard on unlicensed holiday lets which means those migrating to Spain or hoping to rent out a property there may be completely put off, advisors have warned. Continue reading

Labour plans to cap rent prices

The other day we discussed how the current housing crisis has left a number of people homeless in the UK, especially since average rent prices have been increasing while at the same time the government have been reducing the amount of housing benefits most people receive. This is why head of the opposition party Ed Miliband has recently hit out against the coalition government and outlined his proposals for the future, which include putting a cap on the amount private landlords can charge for rent. Continue reading

Landlords warned to register deposits in schemes

By law, all landlords in the UK must register their tenants’ deposits in a certified scheme so that the money is safe and if there are any disputes the deposit protection agency will step in and ensure that any decisions are fair. Until a few months ago, this type of scheme only applied to landlords in England and Wales, however with the increase in dependency on private rented accommodation the Scottish government also decided to implement a deposit protection scheme of their own. Continue reading

Homeless quiz London’s housing committee

Since the introduction of the welfare reforms both social and private landlords have struggled to house an increasing amount of people who have less money than they did a few months ago. As there is such as massive demand for housing rent prices have naturally risen, however due to the welfare reforms most people now have less when it comes to housing benefits, which means that a large number of people are now finding themselves homeless. Continue reading