The Hottest Property Markets in Britain

In order to stay ahead of the game landlords need to keep a keen eye on the property market as it enables them to buy and sell properties at opportune times. For instance, a number of landlords started expanding their property portfolios a few years ago when demand began to increase, and now most of these landlords are making a considerable amount of income each and every month. However, it’s not easy knowing where and when to buy property in the UK, especially as the [...]

Bank of England Targets Buy-to-Let Market

Just a few weeks ago PropertyQuoteDirect reported on the Bank of England’s new criteria for personal mortgages. At the time, those that work in the private rental sector were unsure of whether the Bank would also bring in harsher regulations for buy-to-let mortgages, and recently they have admitted that they have been considering it. However, even though the Bank of England have stated that they are looking into changing lending criteria for buy to let mortgages, they have no official plans as of [...]

Mortgages to be capped at 4.5 times Household Income

As house prices have continued to rise the Bank of England have been put under pressure to increase their interest rates in order to avoid another housing bubble. However, the Bank claimed that they were wary of doing this as a large percentage of the UK population are still struggling with the cost of living which means that if interest rates were increased households could start defaulting on their mortgage repayments. This is why the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) met [...]

What will stop the housing bubble?

There have been concerns recently that the property market is unstable and that even though the UK is currently recovering from the recession if the government doesn’t do something soon we may see another market crash. To make matters worse, not all parts of the UK are seeing the same rise in property prices as others, meaning that it is becoming difficult to afford properties in London and the south east while markets in other areas of the country are still struggling.
However, we are [...]

Boris Johnson publishes new London Rental Standard

It is often claimed that London is a different country to the rest of the UK as nearly everything is more expensive and markets often differ there compared to the rest of the country. This is extremely true when it comes to the property and private rental sectors, as in London property and rent prices are much higher than anywhere else in the country. This is mainly due to the fact that London is a hub for UK business, which means that many [...]

MPs argue over Letting Agent fees

Letting agents generally receive bad press due to the fact that many people feel it is unfair for them to charge tenants fees for finding them a home when they are already paid by landlords. At the moment, a large proportion of the population are struggling to afford rent for private rental properties due to the fact that they have inflated as a result of the housing crisis. This means that many tenants lament the fact that on top of saving money for [...]

Mortgage Applicants to Face Tougher Criteria

Over the past few months a number of property and economic experts have been vocalising their opinions on how the housing crisis can be solved. Currently, there is a much higher amount of demand for housing than there is supply, which has ultimately led to house prices increasing at a rapid rate. One of the causes of this surge in demand is the government’s Help to Buy scheme which enables individuals to apply for a mortgage with a deposit of as little as [...]

Landlords Prepare for Market Changes

It’s currently a very risky time for UK landlords as in the next twelve months a number of changes are likely to affect the private rental sector. One of the most prominent changes will be the Bank of England increasing its baseline interest rate, ultimately leading to monthly buy to let mortgage repayments increasing. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many landlords are already preparing themselves by investing in extensive landlord insurance policies and remortgaging their buy to let properties in [...]

How the Investigation into Energy Providers will affect Landlords

The UK has an ageing population, and as such the issue of energy prices is often debated by politicians, activists and the general public. It is an unfortunate state of affairs when the older members of the UK population have to choose between having enough to eat and keeping warm during the winter, and recently the winters in the UK have been particularly long.
Energy prices have risen considerably over the years, and many of the ‘Big Six’ providers were criticised last year for upping [...]

Lenders offering new Products to Landlords

It’s not surprising that with the private rental sector doing so well a number of lenders are trying to cash in on their customers’ success. For many, the private rental sector is an extremely wise place to invest in at the moment, as a number of reports are suggesting that demand for private rented property will remain at a high level for the next few years at the very least.
However, as a landlord you should be wary of any special offers, as they can sometimes [...]