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Council and residents against development of new homes

A development that would see 150 new properties built on the outskirts of Banbury is facing opposition from Bloxham Parish Council. At the recent meeting, councillors voted against the application for the development on land next to Landsdown Close.

David Chapman, chairman of the parish council, said: “Salt Way has always been known as the unofficial boundary between Bloxham and Banbury and this development goes beyond that. We feel that it would increase the traffic on the A361 and would open the door to further developments down to Sor Brook. It will be like a crossroads on the way from the village, it would increase journey times as most of the village would drive past it on their way to work and the risk of accidents would increase.”

There were also some residents at the meeting who raised concerns about the development infringing on the village’s boundary. If it is approved it will be the first time a planning application has extended past the public footpath that has been the informal boundary for the town. The new housing would be built on six-hundred hectares of land and consist of a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses as well as some flats. Local property investors are said to be already looking for cheap landlord insurance quotes as they prepare to add some of the new builds to their portfolios and it is this that is making some locals uneasy with the development.

Cherwell district councillors have been discussing the need to increase housing numbers in the area for some time but they are not sure that this is the correct development. There has been other developments submitted but the council believe most are far too big with the general feeling being that any development should satisfy the needs of the local populace and not necessarily involve attracting new people to the town.

No regulation of letting agents disappoints the industry

Private landlords and tenants across the UK will have been disappointed by the Coalition Government’s recent assertion that it has no intention of regulating the letting industry in the near future.

There have been calls from both sides of the industry to bring letting agents under some sort of legislation but it appears that landlords will become more reliant on good cheap landlord insurance quote than ever before. Tenants will feel even more vulnerable as it is they that usually have to part with money before they even set foot in their new rented home.

As the private rental sector has flourished over the last 18 months, more cases of letting agents being prosecuted for fraud and theft have come before the courts. It is a situation that many respectable letting agents find intolerable with the managing director of one reputable agency explaining how let down he feels. Paul Weller of Leaders letting agency said: “Under the current system, there is no legislation in place to prevent letting agents from using their tenants’ deposits and landlords’ rents for their own purposes, and nothing that requires them to be qualified and understand the regulations that govern the practice of letting and property management.”

He went on to explain that the regulations about letting a property are very strict and a landlord using a rogue agent could easily find himself breaking the law without knowing it. He stated: “If letting agents do not know and comply with the many regulations that apply to letting, properties can be unsafe and the landlord’s and tenant’s interests unprotected during the tenancy.

“Letting agents need to be experienced, knowledgeable and competent to let and manage property, with a thorough understanding of the complex legislation surrounding letting. Landlords and tenants must protect themselves by vetting their letting agent very carefully.”