Getting a fridge freezer for your rental property

Getting a fridge freezer for your rental property

As any landlord will know, there is always a thin line to tread between profit and fitting a rental property out well enough to attract the type of clientele you are looking for. Always be on the look out for a good deal, whether it be cheap landlord insurance that fits your needs or replacing white goods that not only look good but do the job . The old fridge freezer in one of my properties died quite suddenly after some 15+ years of service so I had to find a new one quickly. I did a little research and plumped for a Beko CDA543 Frost Free as a replacement. It came in at £320, which included delivery and turned up at the apartment within 3 days which for an online store is quite good.

With a rental propery you’ll want to consider more than just the price – although this particualry product wasn’t the cheapest product available, it keeping with the rest of the kitchen for the tidy apartment it was needed for. The space available was only 60cm wide so it fitted well being 54.5 cm wide and makes efficient use of the space. The tenant was keen to have plenty of freezer space so four freezer drawers made him more than happy. Be very wary of trying to economise by providing a fridge with an ice-drawer only, as few tenents want to buy their own white goods, and thus expect all their basic requirements be already catered for. A further consideration is maintenence – you can’t guarantee that a tenent will look after your facilities well, and thus would be wise to install goods that self-maintain easier – the frost free feature of this product was particulary useful.

The fridge has 4 good sized glass shelves so there is plenty of room for cool air to circulate around your food.

There is a full width salad drawer at the bottom, which is ideal for storing items like rhubarb and leeks without having to cut them down.  In some models this drawer can be difficult to get out because of the door shelves but Beko have designed it with rounded rear corners so you can slide it out at an angle – easy.  There is ample door storage too including an egg tray.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and it is a rated as an added bonus. As with any rental property, landlord insurance should be a consideration to protect your investement.