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Landlord Regulation Under Scrutiny

Image of person completing paperworkIf you’re a landlord you probably feel like there’s quite enough regulation that you have to worry about at the moment. While a simple 2 bed property might be easy enough to run on a day-to-day basis, local and national regulation for HMOs can be an enormous burden for landlords. Couple this with things like council tax, landlord insurance and tenant management and it’s no surprise that many landlords find themselves having to give up other occupations to work full time.

However, the property market in the UK has been under considerable scrutiny lately, with rising prices and homelessness fuelling debate in the national press about whether landlords should be subjected to stronger laws concerning what they’re doing in the private rental sector. A recent report by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has also called for regulation to be reassessed in the UK, which we look at here in more detail: Continue reading

The Growing Issue of Welfare Reforms and Landlords

Scissors cutting money in halfThe welfare reforms have been discussed at length in the news recently, mainly due to the fact that they are affecting thousands of people across the UK. The coalition government claim that the whole point of the welfare reforms is to make the benefit system fairer, however a number of schemes have already put some people in danger of losing their homes. Here, PropertyQuoteDirect looks at the issue in further detail: Continue reading

Preparing your Holiday Home for Summer

Image of Holiday HomeWinter is officially well and truly behind us, which means that people across the UK are now starting to think about their next holidays. Landlords who own holiday homes should therefore start preparing their properties as soon as possible in order to ensure that they are filled before the holiday season begins; however this can often be a bigger job than first expected. Here, PropertyQuoteDirect looks at how you can prepare your holiday home as quickly as possible: Continue reading

How Landlords can Protect their Finances

Image of bank notes and calculatorThis week has been extremely busy for landlords, as George Osborne announced his plans for the UK economy in the Budget 2014. Naturally, there are points that some are happy with – such as the fact that non UK residents will soon also have to pay Capital Gains Tax – however there are others which are raising concerns.

This is why many landlords are now taking the time to make sure that their finances and investments are secure. Here, PropertyQuoteDirect looks at some of the most prominent issues that landlords may face in the near future: Continue reading

Predictions for the Property and Private Rental Markets

Image of terraced housingDue to the effects of the recession, even the smallest of changes to the property and private rental markets can have a huge effect on landlords, and unfortunately it looks like things are set to change very soon. 2014 has already seen both markets starting to re-gain momentum, however not everyone is as pleased about this as others. Here, we look at some predictions for the property and private rental markets which could affect your business in the near future: Continue reading

Preparing your rental property for flooding


With the risk of flooding being very real for many at the moment, it is important as a landlord that you have done all you can to protect your investment as well as your tenants. This is why PropertyQuoteDirect has put together a guide on the best ways of ensuring you are as well prepared for the floods as possible.

Obviously, the main point of flood proofing is to keep water out or at least as much as you can. If your properties are flooded then once the risk of further damage has decreased remove all flood proofing equipment to let your property dry out.


One of the most practical ways of flood proofing your rental home is to provide your tenants with sandbags. You can get hold of these from local builders or merchants. There have even been some designed especially to reduce for flooding.

Windows and Doors

If and when you are giving your property an update consider having flood proof windows and doors, especially if you are in a high risk area. You can also purchase flood boards that have been purpose built and only need to be used when your property is at risk. Another good idea is if you can, have the door thresholds a little higher, this will mean that if the flooding only brings shallow water, the property should be safe. Continue reading

First Time Landlord Checklist

The private rental sector plays a huge role in providing comfortable homes for people, so having access to the right information is important, especially for first time landlords who may need guidance to be able to run a successful business.

PropertyQuoteDirect understands that becoming a first time landlord can be daunting which is why we have created a basic checklist that’s easy to understand.
Continue reading

Time for Change in January


The New Year tends to bring change for many people, including where they live. Whether they are buying a property or looking for a new property to rent, there are many reasons for ensuring that if you are looking to sell a property, or you need to find a new tenant, that it will attract as much interest as possible. After all, the more people that want your property the more money you will be able to make!

The best way of ensuring that your property will attract attention is to have it decorated in order to suit all tastes. If you have put your interior design stamp on the property it might not be to everyone’s taste and may even put some potential tenants off, so it’s essential you pick a neutral design.

With this in mind, here at PropertyQuoteDirect we have come up with the best trends to look out for in interior design in 2014, and what you should be doing to make your property as attractive as possible. Continue reading