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PropertyQuoteDirect Father’s Day Competition: Win a £25 B&Q Gift Card!

PropertyQuoteDirect May CompetitionThis year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 15th June, which means that busy landlords don’t have much time left to shop for a gift! This is why PropertyQuoteDirect is giving away a £25 B&Q Gift Card to one lucky winner on Twitter so they can really spoil their dad!

Energy Efficiency and your Properties

lightbulbAs of April 2018 the government will place restrictions on any private rented accommodation that has an energy efficiency rating of F or G, meaning that landlords will not be allowed to rent out their properties until they are improved. Furthermore, as of 2016 landlords will no longer be allowed to refuse any “reasonable request” from tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. Therefore it is wise for landlords to start improving their properties […]

Renovating to Let

for sale to let signBack when the property market was booming, buying a wreck and doing it up was seen by many as a sure fire way to make some money. Even if the cost of renovating your wreck ended up being more than you predicted (as, of course, it usually does!), the steady increase in property prices would (hopefully) make up the shortfall.

Do It Yourself

Today we’re thinking about DIY. It’s something you either love or hate and more often than not it can be an argument maker and a key area of dispute between couples. We’ve all been there, whether it’s witnessing your parents arguing about how to fit a toilet seat, or whether you’re the one arguing with your partner about the best way to paint a wall…it’s a common occurrence and one we can all relate to.
New […]

Damaged drywall can be easily fixed

Everyone will know how easy it is to accidentally put a hole in drywall; it could be from a door handle, maybe something falling over, or even from children playing. Happily drywall is fairly easy to fix, especially if it is a small hole, It is something that even a novice DIY person can tackle and save paying for a tradesman. If the hole is quite big i.e. anything bigger than 12 inches, it is probably better to replace the whole sheet of drywall rather […]

Easy ways to achieve a smaller footprint

Each person can do many things to slow down the effects of global warming. This collective impact of many people all working together will make a difference. There are simple ways to save energy. For example cutting down on waste and buying energy efficient products can help preserve the planet from further warming.
Recycle as much as possible. At the moment there is too much consumer waste ending up in landfills that could be reused. Most of us are now recycling plastic, glass, paper and cans, […]

Do not ignore a water damaged wall

Having water damage to the plaster in the home can look very unsightly. Not to mention that once the plaster gets wet there will be an increased potential for mould problems in the future. Repairing the plaster that has been damaged can be easy if the correct materials are used. The cost of this depends on the size of the damaged area but normally the job will not be too expensive.
When the plaster gets wet the water will activate the lime, causing bubbling on the […]

Woodworms can cause a hole lot of trouble

There are a few words that a property owner with landlord insurance will not want to hear. One of them is woodworm. When a problem has been diagnosed as woodworm, it is normal to think of a lot of worms eating the wood. In fact they are not a worm at all they are insects that bore into wood, causing damage to furniture and flooring.
It is very unlikely to see a wood boring insect in the home, because the adults will lay their eggs on […]

A phone extension can make life easier

As long as there is a working master phone socket in the home, which has been installed by a service provider, it is possible to connect extra phone points in different rooms around the house to the master socket. With the help of a kit which is available to buy in DIY stores, phone retailers or any electrical store this is a job most landlords can accomplish on their own. If the master socket is a very old one, it may need replacing with an […]

Spruce up your kitchen

With autumn on its way, it is a great time for landlords to give any property’s they have enduring void periods a fresh new look. Tenants probably spend more time in the kitchen than you think and if money is tight you can still give the kitchen cabinets a makeover without it costing the earth. Very little skill is required for this job; all you will need is a screwdriver, some sandpaper, paint and some creativity. You do not even have to replace the door […]