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Landlords could face legal action in near future

Last Friday we wrote a post discussing how under the government’s new Immigration Bill landlords will soon be expected to vet all their potential tenants in order to make sure that they are in the country legally. So far there has been a massive amount of criticism from private landlords over these new plans, especially as so many are concerned that vetting all their new tenants will be expensive, time consuming, and confusing.

Landlords get go-ahead for class action against Bank of Ireland

Due to the state of the economy many banks are becoming more stringent when it comes to lending mortgages, which has led to many people struggling to buy their own home. This has put even more demand on the private rented sector, and while buy-to-let landlords are more likely to get mortgages from the bank, there are still difficulties some face when it comes to making sure they are getting a good deal and not end up paying for expensive fees and charges. […]

House of Lords votes in favour of regulating Lettings industry

Due to the huge demand for private rented accommodation throughout the UK, more and more landlords are choosing to expand their property portfolios and enlisting the help of letting agents in order to manage their houses and tenants. However, there have been complaints from both landlords and tenants over rogue letting agents who charge large fees yet do not provide the services they promised, which has led to the government deciding to introduce regulations for all letting agents.
Unlike estate agents, letting agents are currently […]

Changes to disputes between Landlords and Leaseholders over repair bills

Due to the fact that many people living in the UK are struggling to get on the property ladder the popularity of right to buy programmes has increased dramatically, which is where those living in social houses are allowed to purchase their property after living there for five years at a discounted price. However, during the first five years the property is still owned by the landlord who can make decisions when it comes to maintenance and repairs for the property as long as […]

Landlord possession claims increasing dramatically

Evicting a tenant isn’t easy, especially as all landlords have to go through the courts in order to get a possession order before they can legally evict their tenants. Many landlords used to find this difficult due to the fact that it could take a long period of time for the courts to decide whether to agree to a possession claim, meaning that if a tenant is defaulting on payments then the landlord would continue to lose money.
However, the courts have now introduced an […]

Residential Landlords Association warns Landlords to handle Deposits correctly

In April last year legislation changed concerning Tenancy Deposits, and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has stated that they are concerned that some landlords are still not entirely sure what is required of them, which could lead to them ending up in court. The recent case of Ayannuga vs. Swindells has highlighted the importance of landlords handling their Tenancy Deposits correctly, especially as the landlord eventually had to pay £950 to the tenant.
The court heard that the landlord had not stuck to regulations as […]

Taxpayers want Answers concerning Torquay Seafront balloon Rent Row

A council taxpayer from Torquay has been calling for an explanation from Torbay Council concerning when they are planning to recover fifty thousand pounds in rent from the operators of the Torquay Seafront Balloon. The taxpayer, William Ward, has complained that the argument between the balloon operator and the council has gone on for too long, and that there has been too little information provided to the public concerning the rent payment.
It has been argued that the Torquay Seafront Balloon operators, Lindstrand, has not […]

Tenants Could be Moved to Another Borough as Housing Problems Continue

Due to a massive lack of council housing and high rents demanded by private landlords, a borough in London has revealed their plan to offer homeless people a roof over their head outside its area. Conservative run Croydon Council claim the capping of LHA (Local Housing Allowance) means that a large number of private landlords are refusing to take any tenant who is in receipt of housing benefit.
The Council revealed that there has been a 37% increase in homeless people in the borough in the […]

Landlords To Face More Regulations In Wales

Property investors with an interest in landlord insurance may find themselves weighed down with more regulations in the near future if they own homes in Wales.
A proposal by the ruling Labour Party in Wales will see private landlords come under the microscope more intensely than ever before as they will be required to prove they are “a fit and proper person” to let homes to paying tenants. If the white paper introduced to the Welsh assembly this week is passed then landlords throughout the principality […]

Prosecutions against Landlords Escalate

As the demand for private rented accommodation continues to soar, landlords in Yorkshire are being warned to ensure they are operating within the law.
The warning comes after a leading Letting Agency in the county discovered that prosecutions and complaints against private landlords stand at an all time high and in some towns are an incredible five times higher than just 10 years ago. The letting agents Linley & Simpson believe the reason for the increase is partly because of the dramatic increase in the number […]