Forum opportunity for landlords in Bexley

Residential landlords in one London Borough are to be invited to a forum hosted by the local council in a bid to address the massive housing problems many anticipate may occur later this year.

The cuts to Local housing Allowance that will take place later this year is expected to have a dramatic effect on housing in and around London, with many experts forecasting almost a mass exodus of tenants on benefits from inner London to places on the outskirts where rents may be cheaper.

Bexley council may well be affected by this and are now hoping to open a dialogue with private landlords with a reputation for having their properties in good order. The sort of landlord who has landlord insurance, is up to date with legal requirements and has a good record with local authorities will be exactly the sort of businessman the Council are aiming to get to the meeting.

The forum will take place on February 22nd and be opened by Bexley Councils Cabinet Member for Community Affairs, Kate Perrior. Landlords present will then be addressed by various speakers all with specialised knowledge in areas concerned with housing and legislation, even one of Boris Johnson’s (the Mayor of London) top advisers will be taking questions from the floor.

The ultimate aim of the evening is to persuade private landlords to provide accommodation for people on the Council’s housing list and bring the waiting period down. It seems an ideal opportunity for good landlords to not only acquaint themselves with the legal obligations demanded of them, when taking on new tenants, but also to ensure they will get full occupation of their properties and say goodbye to the dreaded void periods that every landlord dreads.

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