Older tenants are delighted at the end of drinking ban

Residents who live in a housing complex that is protected by landlord insurance have won their campaign to be allowed to drink alcohol in their communal gardens. SHA (Staffordshire Housing Association) implemented the ban after a fight involving two neighbours and complaints about rowdy and anti-social behaviour.

All the Bucknall residents are aged fifty-five or over and many of them are retired. They were amazed to be hit with the alcohol ban that stopped them from socialising outside their homes after 10pm. The Housing Association has now overturned the ban after a meeting with frustrated residents, many of whom just want to enjoy a drink on a warm summer night. With autumn due to start soon, it is unlikely that any residents will benefit from the decision for another six months and until the start of spring. The fight involving two residents was resolved immediately and the two are now friends.

Former driving instructor Colin Stuart, 57, has lived in one of the flats for the last three years, and has said, “They have now lifted the alcohol ban after holding a meeting and listening to what we had to say. Our point was that we just wanted to be able to enjoy a drink outside. Some people just like to enjoy a drink in the fresh air. After the meeting, they said residents will be permitted to use the communal garden for socialising, including the responsible use of alcohol.”

Residents are delighted that the landlords sat down and listened to their views before changing their minds. They all came to a new agreement that will allow residents to sit outside their homes and enjoy a quiet drink as long as everything is then moved inside at 10pm and they must not interfere with the other residents’ quiet enjoyment of their homes. SHA will keep monitoring the situation but don’t expect any further problems.

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