Rubbish problem causes resident uproar

Families in an area of Cardiff feel they are being forced out of their homes because the once clean streets are now being turned into a “slum” due to increasing piles of rubbish.

Homeowners and landlords with properties covered by landlord insurance are blaming the students in the area for the uncollected heaps of rubbish which are festering on the streets. They are questioning why the local council are not doing more to help solve the problem of the mounting piles of rubbish and said the situation became unbearable last week as a result of the warm weather. Residents reported rats and birds could be seen rummaging through the debris and the smell of the rotting rubbish forced people to stay indoors with their windows shut.

Margaret Harries who has lived on the street for 51 years said: “The street has become a slum. The smell, especially during warm weather, is atrocious. It’s a disgrace, there are bottles and tins of food just dumped on the ground and not even put in bags. I’m waiting for an epidemic to start. We are living in a slum and we are paying for it. We pay our rates, so I can’t see why we need to put up with this. I don’t have anything against students but we’re trying to keep our streets tidy, and I can’t see why the council won’t do anything.”

Everyone affected feels the council must make students aware of their waste responsibilities, not just at the start of each academic year but throughout the year. A spokesman for Cardiff University claimed all students are made aware of their responsibilities to put out rubbish on the correct day and in the right way.

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