Stroud District Council will speak to local residents about their plans to build new properties

People living in the Cam and Sharpness areas of Gloucestershire have been invited to discuss the proposed development to build new homes in their communities. The fifteen year plan, which identifies key locations in the area for housing and more jobs until 2026, will change the area radically and councillors are keen for local people to be involved every step of the way.

Two years of consultation has already taken place and the council want to move forward and fine-tune the proposals. They have included residents at each stage and are again encouraging them to put their views forward, whether they are positive or negative. This next round of consultation will be for local residents and local businesses to give their views on the councils preferred strategy, which includes 200 to 500 new properties in Cam and 250 homes in Sharpness. Half the homes built will be owned by the council who will protect them with let property insurance and the development will boost employment in the area as 1,500 new jobs will be created.

Councillor Tait said: “We believe that having clusters of larger developments is sustainable and desirable for the long-term success of our district as they will make better use of, and bring about improvements to, existing infrastructure. We feel that small sites dotted around the district will do the opposite and put a strain on resources and communities, and would not encourage new facilities.”

The council recognise that whichever plans are chosen, there will be some people who are not happy, but say the final decision will be based on what they believe is best for the area. The council will be holding several drop-in exhibitions throughout the district during February where residents can look at the plans and ask any questions that they have.

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