A background check needs to be done on all prospective tenants

As a landlord, choosing the right tenant will eliminate a lot of headaches in the future.  Landlords can now obtain search reports that enable them to screen all potential tenants by providing them with a background check on their potential client. In fact checks are just as important as having landlord insurance. No landlord wants a bad tenant and it is vital that they are found out before any contract is signed. A landlord wants a tenant who will pay the rent on time, look after the property and stick to the rules of the rental agreement.

For some landlords, screening a tenant may seem like a lot of hard work but in truth it is quite simple as long as they know the right steps. A landlord will often employ the services of a third party to conduct the background check on prospective tenants. The findings of this check will give a good indication of the tenant’s character which is based on records and past behaviour.

The background check will also help to verify that the applicant is who they say they are. With identify theft on the increase it is vital to know who the tenant is. The background check will reveal if the tenant uses any aliases and whether they are using their own details. If any other people are linked with the same details, it may be an indication of identity theft.

The landlord will use the results of the background check to confirm the applicant’s current address and who the property owner is. If a renter has been having problems with the current landlord, they may put down a relative or a friend’s address as their current place of residence. The background check will help to confirm the all the information on the application. A background check will also help to minimize the risk of evicting a tenant. The eviction process can be a lengthy one and when evictions are needed the landlord will quite often incur a financial loss.

Criminal activity will often be the deciding factor when a landlord makes a decision on approving the tenancy application. Renting to a tenant who has a criminal history may create problems for a landlord in the future. If a tenant with a criminal record were to create problems for other tenants in a property, the landlord may find themselves in the middle of a legal situation.

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