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UK Property Prices Decline

A house pricing report released by Halifax recently has shown that house prices, on average, fell by 0.9% in November and the average house price now stands at around £161,700. This is positive news for prospective homeowners, and for landlords looking to expand their property portfolios!
Housing Market
The housing market has been looking increasingly difficult to get on to in recent months as the economic crisis deepens as many of us Brits struggle to raise enough funds to afford a decent mortgage, or any mortgage whatsoever.
Housing […]

Landlords faced with the possibility of fines

Property investors with an interest in landlord insurance will be more than a little worried by developments at one Ministry in Whitehall today. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has decided to try and get his name in the headlines for more positive reasons and decided to make his target the landlords of the UK.
Minister looks to enhance his reputation
After weeks of negative press the energy minister has come out fighting and announced that landlords who fail to bring their properties up to energy […]

Charities and landlords criticise benefit change

The prospective dilemma facing investors holding residential property insurance and their young tenants in the coming 12 months just will not go away, and now an organisation created to look after the interests of landlords is letting their voice be heard.
Shared accommodation rate now applies to under 35’s
The National Landlords Association (NLA) has backed up concerns voiced by housing charities such as Crisis and Shelter who say the impending change in the shared accommodation rate of benefit could lead to thousands of young people being […]

Use technology to attract tenants

Many landlords now carry smart phones and are appreciative of how they can help in the day to day running of their business. But the real secret to staying ahead in the residential letting sector is to invest in smart homes.
Cater for tenant satisfaction
There is an ever growing emphasis for landlords at the top end of the sector to provide something more than just conventional living to tenants willing to take out long term letting agreements on their properties. Many are now getting landlord insurance quotes […]

Tenants will warm to cosy colours

Anyone with landlord insurance will know how vital it is to have tenants in their property. However, when a tenant vacates a property it sometimes gives a landlord the perfect opportunity to spruce up the property with some fresh paint, which will give the property an edge over other rented homes.
Warm can be cool
Colours are split into two groups: warm and cool. Cool colours have a tendency to make the home look more modern but also give off a cold feeling. Whereas warm colours will […]

Landlords must know the rules

The fine encountered by a private landlord in Devon this week shows just why residential landlords must ensure they know about every facet of the business when undertaking a career providing housing for other people.
Tenants flee for their lives
The landlord in question walked out of court £158,000 poorer after being fined for breaches of fire safety rules, in an incident which saw his tenants fleeing across roof tops to protect themselves from the conflagration below. Enquiries into the fire showed that the landlord had […]

Change over time for holiday lets

Add value to your second home ready for holiday seekers
For all those who remembered to say white rabbits this morning then spring has indeed got off to a very good start. No-one is quite sure where the tradition started but many people across the world utter the words when they arise on March 1st. It is considered by many to assure good luck for the remainder of the year. For many landlords across the UK, March 1st is also the day they have to consider […]