Housing cuts will hurt a lot of people says national paper

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As the welfare reform proposals approach implementation, a national newspaper has joined in the argument. Listening to the supporters of the Coalition Government, and in particular Lord Freud, hardly anyone will be affected by the cutbacks in housing benefit. Only those who live in mansions at taxpayers’ expense should be worried and the Governments assertion that £21,000 is more than enough Housing Benefit for anyone does seem fair.

However an investigation by the Sunday Mirror purports to shows that they are way off with this prediction. The results of their investigation conclude that hundreds of thousands of the most disadvantaged people in Great Britain will have their lives wrecked.

Some will have their incomes slashed while some others will only lose a few pounds per week, that may not sound too bad the report says, but they are a few pounds that they can not live without. Families who are already on the breadline will face losing their homes because of savage changes being driven through by the coalition partners, according to the paper.

The Sunday papers exclusive which it claims is calculated on detailed research gives details of a mother who has a disabled daughter and who will be left with just £40 a week for food and other essentials after her housing benefit is cut by over 50%. Another example shows a family of four who will lose almost £100 per week, leaving them below the poverty line.

The findings are much different to those of the Prime Minister David Cameron who claims that it will not be necessary for anyone to lose their home. Campaigners strongly disagree saying it will effect over 900,000 households many of whom will have to leave the area they have lived in all their life.

Landlords with landlord insurance are tired of being portrayed as the bad boys in this argument and have already said they have no intention of reducing rents to help a tenant whose shelter is being compromised by Government cuts. What is for sure is that the welfare system shake up will see residential landlords with a big part to play in providing homes for millions of people in the UK.

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