London Property Prices Rise

A report has revealed that foreign investors seeking a safe haven for their money have helped boost property prices in London. The average value of a Greater London home has increased by 3.1% in November when compared with the same month last year.

Static Prices

Prices across England and Wales, on average, remained relatively static in November, and LSL Property Services Commercial Director, David Brown, has been commenting: “The resilience of property prices indicates that mortgage lenders and property buyers have not so far been spooked by the gloomy news emerging from the Eurozone.”

He added: “Although prices have declined by 0.7 per cent since November 2010, the rate of annual price decreases slowed everywhere except the North West and the East Midlands, with London buoyed by foreign investors seeking a safe haven in the capital’s bricks and mortar, showing an acceleration in price rises to 3.1% last month.”

Rise and Fall

The report also revealed that the three London boroughs with the largest growth are also among the top five in terms of price. The City of Westminster saw prices rise the most by 12.6%, whilst Kensington and Chelsea saw an 8.5% increase and Richmond upon Thames saw a 6.2% increase. It seems that there will be wealthy owners looking for landlord insurance quotes this winter!

The report also found that the five boroughs with the lowest price growth were in outer London. For example, Barnet experienced the largest decrease over the last 12 months as prices fell by 7.1%.

The number of properties sold in London between August and October this year has increased by 4.5% compared to the same period last year. This is good for the property market, however, this could actually be bad news for those hoping to get on the property ladder due to the fact that prices are now on the up again. This could potentially scupper plans of those who were saving for a deposit and a mortgage.

With the housing market a pretty tough environment currently, it seems that renting is still the most attractive option for many young professionals. How long will this continue though?

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