Quality garden furniture can boost rental take up


Start attracting tenants at the higher end of the market

Quality garden furniture will boost rental take up – landlords looking to attract tenants at the higher end of the market often have to go the extra mile when equipping their properties out. Sometimes the outside space as well as the inside has to be considered.

Long summer days

Summer is coming soon and we will be spending more time outdoors. Whether you are having a BBQ party in your back garden or enjoying a morning coffee on your terrace, you will need suitable outdoor furniture, holiday makers love to relax outdoors and landlords need to buy good quality furniture to stand the rigours of everyday use or be prepared to renew cheaper goods regularly.

Variety of choices but be careful

development-investmentOutdoor furniture is mainly available in metal, wood and plastic. Metal framed sun loungers, folding chairs and swing seats are ideal as they provide enough support and good comfort. Intricate wrought-iron designs would be good for a decorative look and if you are looking for a modern feel, minimalist aluminium furniture would be suitable.

Metal garden furniture requires minimal maintenance and occasional repainting and rust removal may be all you need. It is durable but the heat implications may make landlords look at other alternatives. Read more on internal property development.

Tactile wood is a big favourite

Rattan wicker furniture is lightweight and available in versatile designs. It is not very durable and can become brittle after a few years if left outside. However many people love that summery and pleasant look despite this downside. Teak is considered to be the best hardwood for outdoor furniture.

Among soft woods cedar is insect and decay resistant and is considered to be the best. Hard woods are more durable and require less maintenance than softwoods. The best thing about wooden outdoor furniture is probably that it looks like real furniture.

Cheap and cheerful plastic may be the answer

Plastic outdoor furniture is the least expensive but may be the least durable. It is all right to leave it outside all year long except in strong winds, and dirt and dust can easily be wiped down. It is the lightest outdoor furniture and most chairs can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.

It may not be the most traditionally aesthetic looking outdoor furniture choice, but would be good for people who like a kitsch and colourful look and could really suit the demands of a holiday home.

Other ways to add value to your property

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