Televisions and Landlords


To keep in tune (forgive the pun) with my recent post about internet packages, I am again discussing general items that have a big impact on tenants and landlords. Today we’re talking televisions! It’s a focal point of most living rooms and many people in this day and age (including myself) simply cannot live without one.

Digital Switchover

I’m sure you’ll also be aware that in the digital switchover has already begun and will continue for the next few months. Depending on where you are located the switchover time can vary. The switchover will mean that all non-digital televisions, which also have no digital Freeview box attached, will become defunct and thus will be rendered useless. In order to continue receiving television all households will require either a digital television, or a Freeview box.

Normal analogue televisions without any digital box attached will, simply, no longer work. So, as a landlord it will be important to ensure that you supply your tenants with either a digital box to attach to the television, or a new digital television.


When I moved into my flat the television provided was of an older, analogue generation. One quick call later and my landlord had agreed to supply us with a Freeview box, totally free of charge. They understood that a television that works is a basic necessity of modern living and I thought it was very generous indeed. Those landlords that will need to purchase digital boxes will also need to update their insurance documents whilst keeping the latest property additions, such as a Freeview box for example, in mind when searching for their next landlord insurance quote.

Furthermore, as I alluded to in my last post, sometimes landlords can throw incentives into a tenancy deal such as a subsidised, or entirely free, Sky subscription. Many students may love the sound of such an incentive and this could be a real deal clincher for many student landlords. After all, we all know students love to relax in front of the television in between lectures and exams!

Who else is with me in stating that televisions are of great importance these days?!

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