Tenants will warm to cosy colours

Anyone with landlord insurance will know how vital it is to have tenants in their property. However, when a tenant vacates a property it sometimes gives a landlord the perfect opportunity to spruce up the property with some fresh paint, which will give the property an edge over other rented homes.

Warm can be cool

Colours are split into two groups: warm and cool. Cool colours have a tendency to make the home look more modern but also give off a cold feeling. Whereas warm colours will make the home look much more traditional and welcoming. There are a huge number of warm paint colours which will transform any cold, dark, room into a brighter, warmer room.

Forever autumn with golds and browns

Warm colours will create a comfortable environment whether they are in a deep dramatic tone or a softer more subtle shade. Every year sees new trends in colour choices, but warm colours are ever present and are always close to the top of the list for home décor choices. Painting in warm colours will add a new look to any home, no matter what the style is going to be. The feeling of outdoors and a sunny autumn day can be brought indoors with a palette of deep gold and rustic browns. Colours have a psychological effect on people and choosing colours that reflect nature as well as giving a warm energy to a room will give an inviting atmosphere in the home. It is not just autumn that can be copied. Pick any season and imagine the colours that come to mind at that time of year. Use the seasons as a guide and bring the warm colours of nature into the painting scheme.

Revitalise a room with yellows and oranges

Warm tones will also reflect elegance and have a big impact when the right tones are used. Deep russet will make both a bold and individual statement, reflecting an energizing warm glow as well as an elegant backdrop. Contrast this tone with a rich green or gold and any room will be given the feeling of sophistication. Some colours always seem to inspire energy and bright yellow and orange definitely fall into that group; they are the right colours to liven up any room. Even if used in a small room, energetic warm colours will be an excellent addition to any paint scheme without them looking out of place.

Cheap and cheerful

Without doubt paint is one of the cheapest ways to warm up the home. Adding warmth with colour to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or hallway by using paint is a great way of setting the tone to redecorating any home. An entire room can be completed with a fresh coat of paint in as little time as a weekend, and the property which is covered by rented property insurance will look attractive to any tenants coming to view.

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