We All Love a Good Party

We all love a good party, right? A great chance to meet new people and have a laugh and a catch up with those you already…unless you’re the landlord of the property at which the party is being held.

Damages from parties can be quite severe at times and it will be important to ensure that such damages do not befall your property.

Tenants That Love a Party

It may be quite an obvious point but students love a good house party. We’ve all been there in our student days, where everyone crams into a single room to have a drink and a dance which instantly puts a property at risk. Even simple things like alcohol spilling onto carpets and rugs can cause damage that will cost a substantial amount to repair.

Furthermore, it’s not just students that can cause damage, even mature adults can get a bit over zealous at parties as a result of a little too much to drink.

Anyhow, people will always want to have house parties, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t, but what should you look out for as a landlord?


Now of course we always hear horror stories about broken windows, broken doors and even structural damage, and whilst breaks are not uncommon, it’s slightly simpler problems that are certain to occur. Such as, red wine being spilt on carpets (we all know about the white wine trick but red wine can be trouble to clean!) and cigarette ash falling onto carpets too.

Small accidents do of course happen, and the worry should only come when it seems that tenants are being disrespectful to both you and your property. In this case then it may be worth claiming on a landlord insurance policy in order to cover the costs.

Sometimes you may also find that neighbours begin to complain with regard to antisocial behaviour, which is never good. This would only be likely if your tenants had a lot of house parties in a short space of time. This is a rare situation however, and with a careful screening process, you should be able to see which tenants would be most likely to cause such disruption.

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