Cheap Landlord Insurance

If you are looking for cheap landlord insurance then Property Quote Direct can help. We are experts in the field of cheap property insurance and have plenty of experience in providing the perfect policy for customers in every corner of the UK.

Of course cheap landlord insurance is the Holy Grail for many property developers and buy-to-let investors. We know just where to look and who to ask when it comes to getting a good deal and are dedicated to giving you a service second to none.

How can I get Cheap Landlord Insurance?

The secret to getting cheap insurance is to be absolutely sure of what level of cover you require. Here at Property Quote Direct we are great believers in a policy covering our clients’ needs, no more; no less. Why spend money on a policy that offers you £2million of cover if you will only ever need £250,000, of course if the extra cover is free then that is fine, but is it free? On the other side of the coin it is entirely pointless buying an insurance policy that is cheap but will not provide the level of cover you require. It is a waste of money.

One way of getting a cheap quote is to opt for a voluntary excess on your policy. This will invariably result in a cheaper quote but you must bear in mind the amount of excess you are comfortable paying. Also of course, insurance providers base their premium policy on the amount of perceived risk attached to it. Insurance providers are very keen on working with people they trust. Therefore if you have already had a landlord insurance policy for several years and have never claimed on it. Irrespective of the company you had the cover with; your premium price will be lowered.

Property Quote Direct’s easy to fill out quotation form will point you to the level of cover that is right for you and then get you quotes that are not only the cheapest, but that are tailored to your individual requirements. In a matter of minutes you can get cheap landlord insurance and know your property is protected.

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