Major Shakeup for UK Rental Market

UK Rental MarketTheresa May has made her biggest break yet from her predecessor David Cameron’s plans surrounding the UK housing situation.
Under Cameron, initiatives were implemented which were aimed at helping more and more first time buyers to get on the property ladder. In a drastic policy u-turn, May has now announced that rather than pursuing this same path, she is going to address the ‘broken’ UK rental market and seek […]

Carbon Monoxide for Landlords and Tenants

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Carbon Monoxide for Landlords and Tenants
These days nearly everyone makes sure that their homes are protected with fire alarms, however some forget a similarly important gadget: carbon monoxide alarms. In some cases, carbon monoxide can be even more dangerous than fire and smoke as […]

Landlords concerned over Labour’s rent control plans

Image of Ed MilibandWith just over a week to go until the General Election political leaders are starting to make new promises on top of their already published manifestos. According to recent polls there is currently no clear winner between the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Green Party, SNP and more, which is why these next few days will be crucial for all parties.

Landlords warned over Capital Gains

Image of UK HousesIn our last news article PropertyQuoteDirect investigated whether it was possible to predict what will happen to the property markets in 2015, however what we found was conflicting views from a number of industry experts. On the other hand we were able to point out three main events on the horizon that could affect landlords: the General Election, the Bank of England increasing the base interest rate and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) introducing new […]

Can we predict what will happen to the Property Markets in 2015?

Image of House and Money on Scales2014 was a turbulent year for anyone whose business relied upon the property markets regardless of whether you were letting houses, mansions, flats or houseboats as you would likely have been affected by the boom in property prices across the country. Midway through the year we saw numerous experts stating that they were concerned inflating property prices could eventually lead to another market crash, however by the end of the year the […]

What were the Letting top spots in 2014?

Image of UK MapThis year has been extremely prosperous for landlords as there was a high level of demand for private rental properties across the UK. Cities such as London in particular saw an increasing amount of people starting to rent properties, which means that landlords have been benefiting from impressive yields.

Stamp Duty Reforms to Save Landlords Thousands

Image of Stamp DutyLast week the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that the way in which homeowners pay stamp duty would change as of midnight on Wednesday 3rd December 2014. Previously, the amount a person had to pay in stamp duty depended on the overall price of a property; for example, if a property cost between £125,00 and £250,000 the buyer would pay 1% in stamp duty, while if it was £250,001 the buyer […]

Are Tenants becoming more Financially Secure?

Image of £20 notesAs a landlord one of your biggest and most common worries will be whether one of your tenants falls into rent arrears. Even if you have protected your business with rent guarantee insurance, having a tenant fail to pay their rent can cause all sorts of issues and may even require you to start the eviction process. This is why landlords will be happy to hear that recent reports are suggesting that tenants are now […]

Landlords and Loans: How new Regulations could hinder the Private Rental Market

Image of financial paperworkNot long ago landlords had an array of dedicated financial products to choose from along with special offers created specifically to entice them to expand their property portfolios. However, recent reports have suggested that over the past few months landlords have found it increasingly difficult to have their applications approved due to regulations set out by the EU and the UK government.

UK Housing Market Begins to Cool

Image of HousesA few months ago you would be forgiven for thinking that the UK was heading for another housing bubble as house prices soared and a growing number of people were unable to afford properties, especially in London and the South East. After years of issues caused by the recession the market had finally started to pick up – so much so that many thought the growth was unstable and would ultimately leave the UK housing market […]