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Student Landlords warned of decreasing demand for Housing

Landlords have been warned today that the student rental market is now under threat due to the fact that numbers applying for university have dropped in the past year. In 2012 the number of young people applying to university was only 265,784, which is nearly nine per cent less than the year before. It is believed that many young people are choosing not to go to university since tuition fees have increased to almost nine thousand pounds per year.
The fact that there are […]

Insurance Premiums Dependant On the Right Type of Client

Property investors looking for a good deal on landlord insurance should be careful when choosing their tenants, according to a report from a leading online letting agency.
David Lawrenson from has many years of experience in the private rental sector and said picking the right type of client is equally as important as selecting the right type of property. He said: “Landlords may find some insurers are reluctant to cover certain types of renters, for instance leasing a property to students or people in receipt […]

Landlords and students opposed to council’s new licensing laws

Property investors in Brighton, Sussex, are outraged by propositions from their local council that may see them having to pay £700 for a licence to rent property out to students.
The move comes after residents in several areas of the city have complained about nuisance levels relating to noise and litter in houses where students live. The local council is run by the Green Party and they are now considering how the many thousands of students in the city are integrated with the resident population in […]

Rubbish problem causes resident uproar

Families in an area of Cardiff feel they are being forced out of their homes because the once clean streets are now being turned into a “slum” due to increasing piles of rubbish.
Homeowners and landlords with properties covered by landlord insurance are blaming the students in the area for the uncollected heaps of rubbish which are festering on the streets. They are questioning why the local council are not doing more to help solve the problem of the mounting piles of rubbish and said the […]

Radio DJ rents 12 garages as bedrooms

A radio DJ from Manchester has been criticised for renting out 12 garages as bedrooms. Planning officials who visited the residence were horrified at the conditions in which tenants were living.
Property owner Darren Parks built a wall behind the garage doors and has been renting them as rooms for the last six years. One of his tenants claims they pay him £450 per month for a room and use of a shared kitchen in one house in Greater Manchester. Mr Parks claims he was told […]

Students are being blamed for build up of rubbish in Exeter

Residents in Exeter say they are appalled at the huge piles of rubbish which have mounted up during the Christmas and New Year period. Student areas have been the worst affected and the council withdrawing collections due to the bad weather has not helped.
Caroline Lee, is one of the worried residents, saying “I am afraid to let my children walk around some streets here because it is so disgusting. The students put out their rubbish before leaving for Christmas and the collection was cancelled so […]

Students still the main victims of fraud

Six close friends have each lost £1,600 in an online rental scam which is becoming increasingly common in big cities throughout the country. The six are all recent graduates who advertised in the small ads section of Gumtree for a home to rent in central London.
The graduates had earlier avoided a scam when they were contacted by a person who claimed to have the perfect flat but could not meet them in person. He sent pictures and asked for the cash to be wired to […]

Student landlord shows profit

The UK’s largest listed provider of student accommodation posted excellent first half year profits today and forecast more of the same for the second six months of 2010.
Unite, which is thought to be the biggest private landlord provider of student accommodation, managing over 38,000 beds, posted an 8% rise in the value of its assets to the end of June 2010.
It disclosed its net value share price soared from £2.65 to £2.89 in the period with profit at net portfolio contribution rising over 11% to […]

Landlords asked to help

In what is a perfect situation for residential landlords, education chiefs are asking landlords to come to their rescue. A university in Northern England is appealing to landlords to come forward and offer accommodation to its students.
Cumbria University is desperately trying to find landlords willing to take on at least 100 students. Lucy Roberts, Commercial Services Manager for the Carlisle Campus at the seat of learning, said that landlords in the area seeking tenants should contact her immediately.
She went on to say that landlords should […]