Landlord Liability Insurance

A landlord has a responsibility to protect their tenants and the property they live in, and this should start with getting a good insurance policy.

A standard home insurance policy is not suitable for a landlord. A landlord requires a more specific, comprehensive insurance policy. This is why landlord’s liability insurance exists. It typically covers events such as the potential costs of any building repairs, damage caused by flooding and fire, complaints from a tenant over an accident, injuries and also damage to the property.

Why do I need Landlord Liability Insurance?

If a tenant, or a visitor to the tenant is injured as a result of a fault in the property, or their possessions are damaged, you as the landlord will be held liable. Landlord Liability Insurance will cover the cost of a claim which results from this liability. Claims like this can be financially crippling, and can start from something as simple as a leaking sink which results in someone slipping on a tiled floor.

Unfortunately no matter how careful you are accidents do happen. Property Quote Direct knows that even the best landlord, who takes care of his property and tenant meticulously, could find himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. By ensuring you have good landlord liability insurance, you will at least have the peace of mind that you are protected.

Property Quote Direct has a history of finding the best and cheapest landlord insurance available. Whether you own one property or have an ever expanding portfolio of properties we can help you save money. We fully understand the needs of a landlord and are committed to finding the best policy at a competitive price.

Slips, trips, fires, flooding, and theft! As a landlord the ‘what ifs’ seem to be never ending, but by taking out the appropriate policy which includes landlord liability insurance you can minimise the expense and stress which is quite often associated with rental properties. To make sure you have wide-ranging cover against the most common eventualities speak to one of our experts. We can get you great landlord liability insurance in a couple of minutes, and that’s a promise.

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