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We have created a series of fact sheets providing advice for landlords of private rented properties. Download our free information today.

1. A Guide for New Landlords

To help you stay on the right side of the law, avoid common mistakes, remain in your tenant’s good books, and generally have an easier life, we have compiled a comprehensive set of tips and advice so any new landlords can hit the ground running.... Read More

2. What is Landlords Insurance?

The term “landlords insurance” has both simple and in-depth definitions, the simple one being that it is insurance which protects landlords and their businesses. However, once you start to go in-depth... Read More

3. How much is Landlords Insurance?

In one of our previous landlord guides we explained what the term “landlords insurance” means, with the short explanation being multiple types of cover each designed to protect landlords and their businesses.... Read More

4. Do I need Landlord Insurance?

These days more and more people are unwittingly finding themselves becoming landlords for a number of reasons; they may be unable to find the right buyer for one of their properties... Read More

5. Introducing Property Letting

The property market is unquestionably one of the most exciting and rewarding places to invest in the UK. Not only has the property market historically given good returns on investment, but property letting offers flexibility... Read More

6. Choosing a Rental Property

Making the decision that you want to be a landlord is one thing, but it’s something completely different to find your perfect property and turn it into a successful let or resale. Even if you’ve narrowed down... Read More

7. Renovating your Rental Property

Some properties require patience, a calm temperament and slow rental growth over time. Others, however, require a firm hand, a quick renovation and a resale to ensure they’re generating the profit you need! A property renovation... Read More

8. Understanding Buy-to-Let Mortgages

If the landlord game is a numbers game, then one of the most important numbers to keep track of is your mortgage. Mortgage interest is one of the largest expenses most landlords ever have to suffer, and having a flexible mortgage ... Read More

9. A Landlord's Guide to the Green Deal

The last twenty years have seen environmental issues move from the backbenches of political discussion right into the fore, and governments around the world are more concerned with the green agenda than they have ever been before... Read More

10. Dealing with Troublesome Tenants

We all know that the best way to deal with troublesome tenants is not to let to them in the first place. It is true that your screening process, credit checks and references should be able to sift out the good tenants from the bad... Read More

11. Composing an Inventory

Even if your tenants have been absolutely perfect and treated your property with the utmost of respect, it’s still possible that there will be minor damages to your property that you’ll want to charge for from your deposit.... Read More

12. Rent Protection for Landlords

For most landlords, it’s not a privilege to have rent coming in, it’s an absolute necessity. Without regular payments at least a few days in advance of your mortgage payment it can be very difficult to cover the interest on your... Read More

13. Tenant Selection for Landlords

Getting the right tenant for your property can seem like a disproportional amount of work before you actually get started, but the good work will pay off throughout your tenancy. It’s especially important to make sure you pick the... Read More

14. Understanding the Bedroom Tax

The spare room subsidy, commonly known as the ‘bedroom tax’, was introduced by the coalition government on April 1st 2013, and is seen as a controversial measure in the social housing sector and the wider economy. While it’s only ... Read More

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