Tenants Insurance

Tenants insurance is something no landlord should be without. When it comes to choosing insurance, there are a wide range of policies available to landlords. They start from basic building and contents insurance which pays out, for example, if a tenant leaves the chip fryer on and burns down the kitchen; to policies with optional extras such as liability cover in case a tenant injures themselves as a result of your negligence.

Why buy tenants insurance?

In truth by renting out your property to a tenant, you are effectively running a business. Therefore, it is vital you are adequately covered for all eventualities. As a landlord you have a legal responsibility towards any tenant living in your property. Purchasing landlord insurance including tenant cover means you are protected from the worst excesses of any situation. Basic tenant insurance will cover buildings and contents and it will also protect your investment against damage and theft. However, there are several optional extras you can include. These include liability cover that protects you if a tenant is injured as a result of negligence. You can also take out emergency assistance; every landlord will know that calling out a tradesman after hours is not cheap. If a water pipe bursts or a light switch becomes dangerous, these problems need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Emergency assistance will make sure all problems are dealt with quickly. Another option is to take out legal cover; which will cover the cost of taking a tenant to court to evict them or recover rent.

Who can help?

Here at Property Quote Direct we understand insurers use different ways of assessing the risk of your property and working out the cost of your premiums. Contacting each company separately is very time consuming. However we can take the stress out of finding the best tenant insurance policy. Simply fill in our easy online form or speak to one of our expert operators and within a few moments we will find a cheap and competitive insurance policy which matches all your needs, and that’s a promise! Buy your tenants insurance online or call us FREE on 0800 515 381 today!