Simple Landlord Insurance

Sometimes being a landlord is far from being simple. However, we at Property Quote Direct know exactly what is required from simple landlord insurance and our past experience in providing such policies has made us rather good at it.

No matter how many properties you own, we at Property Quote Direct realise that a large amount of your money will be tied up in your business. The price of property makes that a certainty. You need to protect your investment and sometimes that is not so simple either.

How hard can being a landlord be?

If you are new to the business then the first thing you need to know are the legal requirements demanded of you from the state. These include fire regulations, furniture regulations, guarantees of heating and water supply and in many towns and cities applying for specific licenses is becoming the norm. Enough to make you wonder why the words simple and landlord are ever mentioned in the same breath.

Then of course you have to find a tenant, organise rent collection, tenancy deposit and legal agreements. Not sounding any easier just yet is it.

Who can help?

Well fortunately your visit to Property Quote Direct has made it just about as simple as it can be. From here on in we will simply guide you through a process that will have your landlord insurance sorted out quickly and efficiently, in fact it will be simple.

Our easy to fill out online quotation form will provide you with a policy that is tailored to your specific needs. No need to go anywhere else because once you have filled out the form, our search engine will compare the quotes from dozens of landlord insurance providers and bring the best back to you in no time at all. From beginning to end the process will take no more than a couple of minutes.

Even then, if you prefer doing business over the phone then our customer care team will take you through the same process and get you the same great deal. Your landlord insurance is sorted.

Looking for simple landlord insurance? Get a quote FREE on 0800 515 381 or buy online today!