Interior Decorating Tips for Landlords

It’s come to the end of the tenancy agreement and maybe you have a bit of time before the new tenants move in or maybe you’re struggling to find a new tenant for your empty property. One thing you will want to do is give your investment a clean up and think about interior design. If the walls are scuffed, rising damp in the kitchen and the previous tenant’s cat has scratched the carpet then now is the time to give the property a spruce up.

You might find that making improvements within the property can increase the quality of tenant and your rental income. Our latest blog post has ten tips for landlords, letting a property, wanting to improve their rental income through small, interior design improvements.

  1. Less is more – like when you are viewing a house if you view a property that has cluttered rooms, cupboards or too many soft furnishes than chances are it won’t make you want to put an offer in. The same applies when it comes to renters. Clearing space will put their minds at rest and gives the impression that your property is bigger so that the potential tenants can start placing their furniture.
  2. “Smell is the sense of memory and desire” – quoted from Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. We’re sure that they weren’t speaking directly to individuals renting out their house, but there is some takeaway advice from this. Entering a property that smells of cigarette smoke, animals or just people may make the potential tenant walk right out the door, without seeing the rest of your property. A deep clean of the property may be needed to sort out the route of bad smells. Old estate agent folklore says that freshly brewed coffee will seal the deal. However, recent research found that White Tea or fig is the perfect aroma for selling your home. It might even work to entice a new tenant.
  3. Walls – the best way to instantly improve a room is the walls. If you’re looking for a quick fix or think they need a clean. A quick dust or hoover with dust brush attachment over the walls. Then a mixture of water and dish soap is enough to wash the walls (do a quick test patch) wiped over the walls in circular motions. Then leave the walls to dry. If the walls need a little more than a clean or if the colours are a bit ‘off’ then a fresh lick of paint could be the answer. Interior design styles and preferences vary. Go for lighter/softer neutral colours that allow potential tenants to envisage how the room would look once they’ve moved in. These colours can also open up and give the impression of more space.
  4. Flooring – Carpets can become very tired looking very quickly, especially when renting private property. Light colour carpets can be a pain to keep looking clean. They will show up dirt and stains easily and if left can be a pain to get out if left. Go for a darker colour for carpets, usually in the bedroom and front room. For all other areas of your property then go for laminate flooring. Super easy to clean, durable and gives a modern feel to your rental property.
  5. Bathroom – Shower vs Bath has long been a debate of households. Some people prefer one to the other. Some like both. Some even don’t like either (Ewww). Ideally, you would want both so getting a shower head over the bath would be a great addition to your property. If you’re unable to make major changes to your bathroom, then a deep clean of the bathroom. Unsightly black stains and mould around the bath, shower or sink can be a deal-breaker for potential renters. All you need is some bleach, water, a spray bottle, stiff brush and some elbow grease. Black stains and mould is a sign of humidity issues so could be worth having an exhaust fan. Also, toilet bowls with stains is another ‘no-no’. These can easily be cleaned with a toilet cleaner and elbow grease. Got a Coke to hand? Pour it in the bowl and leave for an hour or so. Then scrub the stains and bang, the stains are gone!
  6. Kitchen – Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. If you’re unable to get a fully fitted kitchen, then replacing the cupboard doors can make it look like a completely new kitchen and a cheaper alternative. Kitchens also tend to be pretty small in rental properties so get more light in there. Under-cabinet lights are a great way of getting more light into your room making it safer and easier to find our way around. LED strip lights are safe and affordable and easy to install. They also last a long time!

Like previous points, a deep clean is also a great idea. Making the kitchen sparkle will make a great impression on potential tenants. Giving the walls in the kitchen a fresh lick of paint will also improve the clean look and feel of the kitchen!

Our handy guide has just a few tips and tricks on ways to improve your property and rental income. If we’ve missed any, then feel free to get in contact and let us know.

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