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How to Avoid Property Voids

It’s a New Year which means new resolutions, new goals and big plans for the year to come. For many people the New Year will continue the same as the last but for others there may be some hurdles to jump over.
Many people enter January with a tight budget after the festive season which can result in late or missed payments which, from a landlords prospective could mean late rent, unpaid rent or tenants looking to downsize to cut costs.
Our team at Property Quote Direct […]

Top tips for tenant screening and reference checks

Let’s try and get your tenant selection right the first time
A property is one of the most valuable assets a person will own in their lifetime and therefore in an ideal world this asset will have minimal risk and therefore minimal damage or value depreciation.
Lets talk through the dos and don’ts when it comes to finding the right tenants to occupy your properties.
Do you have an ideal tenant in mind?
I’m sure we would all like some tenants who have a regular income, don’t smoke, don’t […]

Should Tenants be able to ‘Rent for Life’? private rental

As more and more people are relying on the private rental sector regulators have been campaigning for tenants to have better rights so that they can build a home and a life. The fact that tenants can be given six or twelve months’ notice to vacate their properties at any given time means that they often struggle to plan for the future, which is why a think tank has recently claimed that they should be allowed to ‘rent for life’. But what does this mean […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Saving

A Landlord’s Guide to Saving – The other week it was reported that landlords need to make sure they have a contingency plan when it comes to their business, especially as the rental market is constantly changing. Even though it’s relatively easy to make a profit now, there is always the chance that something could go wrong, which is why it is so important to have some extra cash that can help. So here is our guide to saving and how it can be done […]

How to Deal with Rent Arrears?

It is every landlord’s nightmare: a previously reliable tenant fails to pay their rent on time. This can leave landlords struggling to meet their mortgage repayments, and causes a huge amount of stress. Most landlords will have to deal with arrears at some stage, with around 9% of rent unpaid or late.
Rising rents are good news for landlords who want to grow their business, but combined with relatively high unemployment and growth in inflation outstripping growth in wages, they can mean that tenants struggle to […]

Don’t risk losing your rent!

In the current economic climate everyone is feeling the pinch! With people all over the country being made redundant and the cost of bills going up, people are struggling more than ever to get by. In fact the housing charity Shelter recently announced that in the last year there has been a massive 50% rise in the amount of people paying their rent with credit cards as they just don’t have the physical cash or stable income.
With more and more people taking out personal loans, […]

London and Dubai, a tale of two cities

Who has the supply and who has the demand for property
The fickle nature of investing in the buy-to-let market is amply demonstrated by the different situation landlords in the UK and Dubai are experiencing at the present moment.
Landlords in the UK express their confidence in the market with each passing survey. Rental yields on average are going up and void periods are going down. In and around London it seems as though many residential landlords are falling over themselves in the rush to purchase landlord […]

Renting is becoming a popular choice

For generations people have aspired to be a home owner. However, in the current climate evidence shows it may be a better idea to rent. In the past there was an expression of horror when anyone admitted to renting a property as though a swear word had been uttered.
To get on the first rung of the property ladder today, requires a minimum deposit of something in the region of £20,000 and unless a young couple can rely on their parents for help, it will be […]

Best Practices for Landlords Obtaining Tenant References

Before you let your property to new tenants, it’s in your best interest to obtain tenant references for your them. This will help you to avoid any potential risks – e.g. tenants who have defaulted on the rent before, or damaged properties which they have lived in previously.
Additionally, some Landlord Insurance policies may be rendered void if you let to certain types of tenants –  as such, obtaining thorough, accurate references from your tenants is essential, as if you do not, it may affect your ability to claim on your insurance […]

Rent Loss and Rent Guarantee Insurance Explained

The options available to guarantee that you receive your rent
Rent policy cover should be considered if you are leasing out one of your properties or considering a buy to let option to protect you from any threat that may affect your property. Below, we have provided a simple explanation on the types of cover options available.
What is rent loss insurance?
Rent loss insurance refers to the loss of rental income or rental value due to property damage caused by an external hazard that leaves the property […]