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How Landlords can stay on the right side of the HMRC

Earlier this week the HMRC announced that they are launching a new online tutorials aimed specifically at those who work in the private rental sector. A few years ago it was revealed that the HMRC was owed millions of pounds by those in the private rental sector as many landlords had failed to fill in their self-assessment forms properly. So what does the HMRC’s new scheme mean for landlords and how can you stay on the right side of them?

How Landlords can prepare for the next General Election

How Landlords can prepare for the next General Election – Over the past few weeks PropertyQuoteDirect has mentioned the next General Election in a number of our blog and news articles, mainly due to the fact that whatever happens in the next twelve months will have a huge impact on the private rental sector. Therefore, it is wise for landlords to start protecting their businesses now, however how can this be done and what changes do landlords realistically need to protect themselves against? Here, PropertyQuoteDirect […]

Landlord Regulation Under Scrutiny

Landlord Regulation Under Scrutiny – If you’re a landlord you probably feel like there’s quite enough regulation that you have to worry about at the moment. While a simple 2 bed property might be easy enough to run on a day-to-day basis, local and national regulation for HMOs can be an enormous burden for landlords. Couple this with things like council tax, landlord insurance and tenant management and it’s no surprise that many landlords find themselves having to give up other occupations to work full […]

New French property tax could see Brits saying au revoir

Property investors with a second home in France will have been devastated by the news that the Nikola Sarkozy’s French Government has announced draconian tax laws on foreign owners of vacation properties in France.
Tax will win approval in France
The new tax comes as a result of Sarkozy’s under pressure Government looking for an easy target to raise revenues when, in common with most countries in Europe, the indigenous population has fallen on hard times. After a marathon all night session, the French Parliament finally agreed […]