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Top tips for tenant screening and reference checks

Let’s try and get your tenant selection right the first time
A property is one of the most valuable assets a person will own in their lifetime and therefore in an ideal world this asset will have minimal risk and therefore minimal damage or value depreciation.
Lets talk through the dos and don’ts when it comes to finding the right tenants to occupy your properties.
Do you have an ideal tenant in mind?
I’m sure we would all like some tenants who have a regular income, don’t smoke, don’t […]

Cheapest houses sold at auction in the UK

Two bedroom house sold for £8250 at auction
An unoccupied, derelict house in County Durham has been called Britain’s cheapest house. The two bedroom, end of terrace house on Church Street, in Ferryhill Station was sold in auction for £8250. Despite its apparent bargain price, the property has been empty for over 10 years and extensive renovations need to be done. Evidently the new owners are keen to save a few pounds, so they will surely spend time searching for a good project manager..
All the windows […]

Landlords with unoccupied properties between tenants

Typically, when a tenant moves out, there is likely to be a period when the property is empty before a new tenant moves in. Every landlord wants this empty period to be as short as possible because each day will be costing money. This empty period means there are some jobs which a landlord needs to do.
Additional costs to the landlord
As soon as a tenant leaves, it becomes the responsibility of the landlord to pay council tax on his property. However, any property that remains […]

First time landlord advice from Property Quote Direct

The pros and cons of being a landlord
A landlord is someone who owns a property and then rents it out to a tenant. When things are going right it largely consists of collecting rent on time, doing all safety checks and maintaining the property. However, at its worst it can involve dealing with nuisance tenants who may damage the property, filing insurance claims and even paying out bills on a property that is empty.
Becoming a landlord for the first time requires careful consideration. Before buying […]