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Top tips for tenant screening and reference checks

Let’s try and get your tenant selection right the first time
A property is one of the most valuable assets a person will own in their lifetime and therefore in an ideal world this asset will have minimal risk and therefore minimal damage or value depreciation.
Lets talk through the dos and don’ts when it comes to finding the right tenants to occupy your properties.
Do you have an ideal tenant in mind?
I’m sure we would all like some tenants who have a regular income, don’t smoke, don’t […]

Knowing what to do with nightmare tenants

Nightmare Tenants – It is every landlord’s worst nightmare – the new tenant you thought was squeaky clean is waking up all the neighbours with loud music, or hosting wild parties that cause irrevocable damage to your property. And worst of all, when you ask them to stop, they carry on doing it. If you’re unlucky enough to have tenants who have no intention of honouring all the rules of their tenancy agreement (cleanliness and damage especially), then it is important to deal with them […]

A guide to house shares and tenants

Changes to local housing allowances that landlords need to know about
Due to the recent changes to housing benefits and local housing allowance, some private renters are going to find it increasingly difficult to stay in their current properties. Similarly, private landlords are now reluctant to take on tenants who rely on housing benefits as they lack confidence in receiving regular rent payments.
This year the age limit for people entitled to a housing allowance that was the same rate as a person renting a single room […]

Terraced houses, a great starting place for new landlords

Perfect for new families, professionals and students
It was reported that terraced houses have become the most popular purchase for landlords looking to rent out their properties. Terraced houses have long been seen as the ‘first step’ home for many people as they proceed to climb on and up the property ladder.
Property prices still remain generally quite high, despite the conflicting reports of figures rising and decreasing. Of the ‘cheaper’ properties to purchase, terraces are a common example although their prices are continuing to rise as […]

Student Tenants: The Good, the Bad and the Noisy

The pros’ and cons’ that you should be weighing up
There is no denying that being a student landlord has some increased risks. With almost any tenant there is the possibility of a party going awry or receiving multiple complaints from neighbours. This however, is not normally the case for your run of the mill tenants such as young families and professionals. With students on the other hand, you don’t expect any different.
For many students renting a house while at university is their first time living […]

Absent landlords could lose their properties

Compulsory purchase orders for neglected properties in Cornwall
Cornwall council has given notice to second home owners and landlords who are neglecting their properties that they will slap compulsory purchase orders on the homes if the owners don’t take action.
Disinterested owners
In a move that may well be imitated by councils across the country, Cornwall Council has identified 4000 homes that are not lived in and are being neglected by the owners. In some cases the houses have been let by absent landlords who have neglected to […]

Know your potential tenants

A small investment into your let property can gain a lot of traction
The current high demand for good accommodation has meant that landlords can go out and buy the cheapest landlord insurance on new buildings with the confidence their tenants will look after the property. With tenants in good supply it is good time to expand and many private landlords are doing just that.
Of course it is important to know exactly what sort of tenant the new property will appeal to, it will help target […]

Live in landlords experiencing boom

How much profit can you make from your spare room?
It appears that 2011 may well be the year of the “live-in landlord”. Figures supplied by a leading online letting agent suggest that the current austerity measures and the effect of them on job cuts is leading more and more people to look for a room rather than a house.
2010 a vintage year a website designed for those looking for flats or house shares say that 2010 proved to be a bumper year for live-in landlords […]

A good tenant makes life much easier

The demand for good accommodation in the UK has never been higher
Although being a private residential landlord can never be described as a straightforward profession there are certain factors that can make life a lot easier to cope with. Simple things like a good tenant can make a world of difference.
At a time when landlords in the UK are experiencing one of the best periods for many years, it might seem surprising how highly valued a good tenant should be. Surely with the demand out […]

Making a tenancy agreement that is clear and compliant

How to remain compliant and without terrible tenants
Along with having landlord insurance, one of the first things that a landlord needs to do is create a tenancy agreement. One way of doing this is using a standard form and these are very easy to find in stationers or they can even be downloaded from appropriate online sites.
It is vital to make sure that the correct type of tenancy agreement is made out, especially if the landlord is going to be living in separate accommodation in […]