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How do proposed legislation changes impact HMO landlords?

Minimum bedroom size, mandatory licensing and personal checks
If you currently own a property that is let to multiple occupants you are going to need know about the changes that could soon be coming your way including minimum bedroom size requirements, mandatory licensing and personal checks on yourself. So, let’s get started!

A guide to summer for Student Landlords

Summer is usually the slow season for student landlords, as of the end of May most students will have finished their academic year and will be heading home. However, just because there are fewer students about in the summer doesn’t mean you should just leave your properties to sit there! So here is our guide to summer for student landlords:

Letting to Students in 2013

It is the time of year when students start to turn their attention to finding accommodation for the next academic year. With Christmas a distant memory and exams nearly over, most university accommodation offices and student letting agents are busy compiling lists of private accommodation ready for students to start looking for somewhere to live.

Growth in student rent declines

The annual growth rate in student rent has slowed down, making many landlords and potential property investors consider whether the student market will continue to be as lucrative as it is. As the number of students enrolling at university drops due to the rise in tuition fees, the student housing market stands at an unknown with no-one really knowing how it will end up. What is for certain is that the numbers are showing it is in decline, something for landlords to keep in mind.
Why […]

Landlords with unoccupied properties between tenants

Typically, when a tenant moves out, there is likely to be a period when the property is empty before a new tenant moves in. Every landlord wants this empty period to be as short as possible because each day will be costing money. This empty period means there are some jobs which a landlord needs to do.
Additional costs to the landlord
As soon as a tenant leaves, it becomes the responsibility of the landlord to pay council tax on his property. However, any property that remains […]