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Credit Unions, the new banks?

Credit Unions, the new banks?
Landlords, in common with the majority of the population, are viewing the coming budget with trepidation. Apart from the feared cuts and tax hikes that will affect all the population, the residential landlord is steeling himself for the announcement of a massive rise in Capital Gains Tax. What better time then, for the average landlord to appraise his financial situation and spend some time looking at different areas where he can ease his financial situation.
First of all he can look at […]

Landlord Advice: Changing the Face of Landlords

Landlord Advice – There are numerous landlord services and advice lines out there designed to help landlords struggling with their businesses, however even if your business is doing well you can still face common problems. These days, one of the biggest problems landlords face is that there are numerous negative stereotypes surrounding them, meaning they are often ignored or even subjected to abuse.

How Landlords can Protect their Finances

How Landlords can Protect their Finances – This week has been extremely busy for landlords, as George Osborne announced his plans for the UK economy in the Budget 2014. Naturally, there are points that some are happy with – such as the fact that non UK residents will soon also have to pay Capital Gains Tax – however there are others which are raising concerns.
This is why many landlords are now taking the time to make sure that their finances and investments are secure. Here, […]

Predictions for the Property and Private Rental Markets

Rental Markets – Due to the effects of the recession, even the smallest of changes to the property and private rental markets can have a huge effect on landlords, and unfortunately it looks like things are set to change very soon. 2014 has already seen both markets starting to re-gain momentum, however not everyone is as pleased about this as others. Here, we look at some predictions for the property and private rental markets which could affect your business in the near future:

Help to Buy Made Easy

With phase two of the Help to Buy scheme recently launched there is some confusion as to what is on offer and who is eligible for what. With this in mind we have come up with a guide so landlords can find out what buyers can get from the scheme and how this may alter the market in the next couple of years.
The second phase of the Help to Buy scheme was launched earlier on in the year, which means that properties worth up to […]

Understanding a Buy-to-Let Mortgage

Understanding a Buy-to-Let Mortgage – With generation rent well and truly here those who have some money and want to invest may be looking to the property market. However, if you have never thought about it before it can be a little daunting knowing where to start, so here is a guide to a better understanding of what a buy to let mortgage is. At least then that is one less thing you have to worry about.
First things first, with the competition high for rental […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Saving

A Landlord’s Guide to Saving – The other week it was reported that landlords need to make sure they have a contingency plan when it comes to their business, especially as the rental market is constantly changing. Even though it’s relatively easy to make a profit now, there is always the chance that something could go wrong, which is why it is so important to have some extra cash that can help. So here is our guide to saving and how it can be done […]

Nationwide Reverses Decision on Lending to Housing Benefit Landlords

Nationwide, the UK’s biggest mortgage lender, announced last week that it had decided to stop lending to landlords who planned to let their properties to tenants receiving the Local Housing Allowance. The lender’s buy-to-let arm, The Mortgage Works, accounts for around a third of buy-to-let lending.