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Landlord Advice: Changing the Face of Landlords

Landlord Advice – There are numerous landlord services and advice lines out there designed to help landlords struggling with their businesses, however even if your business is doing well you can still face common problems. These days, one of the biggest problems landlords face is that there are numerous negative stereotypes surrounding them, meaning they are often ignored or even subjected to abuse.

Newcomers can benefit from advice

The continuing boom in the buy-to-let property market has attracted many first time venturers into the market. The poor returns offered by bank saving accounts and the dire problems encountered by the stock markets across the world this week will convince even more speculators to put their cash into property.
Research will reap rewards
It is vital for any landlord new to the business to have a good understanding of his costs. While it is impossible to become an experienced property investor overnight it is not impossible […]

Charities and landlords criticise benefit change

The prospective dilemma facing investors holding residential property insurance and their young tenants in the coming 12 months just will not go away, and now an organisation created to look after the interests of landlords is letting their voice be heard.
Shared accommodation rate now applies to under 35’s
The National Landlords Association (NLA) has backed up concerns voiced by housing charities such as Crisis and Shelter who say the impending change in the shared accommodation rate of benefit could lead to thousands of young people being […]

Has home ownership had its day?

As landlords across the UK report tenant demand is stronger than ever, speculators are beginning to question whether 2011 will mark a sea change in how the British Public at large view home ownership.
The latest letting agent to report burgeoning business, Paragon Rented Sector say that only 4% of landlords reported a drop in tenant interest and the survey showed that landlords are only averaging void periods of 2.9 weeks per year. The figures are eye opening and one can imagine landlord insurance providers being […]