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Understanding a Buy-to-Let Mortgage

Understanding a Buy-to-Let Mortgage – With generation rent well and truly here those who have some money and want to invest may be looking to the property market. However, if you have never thought about it before it can be a little daunting knowing where to start, so here is a guide to a better understanding of what a buy to let mortgage is. At least then that is one less thing you have to worry about.
First things first, with the competition high for rental […]

Deposits: Protection for you and your Tenants

This Wednesday was the deadline for all Scottish private landlords to place their tenants’ deposits in a registered scheme.
In England and Wales all landlords have had to register their deposits in a scheme for a number of years now as deposits are extremely important to both tenants and landlords, as for tenants it secures them their property, while for landlords it protects their business.
Here we look at the basics of deposits and why protection schemes have been put into place throughout the UK:

How to Deal with Rent Arrears?

It is every landlord’s nightmare: a previously reliable tenant fails to pay their rent on time. This can leave landlords struggling to meet their mortgage repayments, and causes a huge amount of stress. Most landlords will have to deal with arrears at some stage, with around 9% of rent unpaid or late.
Rising rents are good news for landlords who want to grow their business, but combined with relatively high unemployment and growth in inflation outstripping growth in wages, they can mean that tenants struggle to […]

Tapping Pensions For Deposits

There’s been a lot of hot air this week: Yes, you guessed it, its Party conference season. Politicians have taken the week off to engage in their respective annual conferences and as per usual, there have been some crackers. Yesterday, Nick Clegg announced at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton of his audacious strategy to give the young a rung on the property ladder.
Rising costs
With the soaring price of property deposits and the average age of first-time-buyers rising to 35, Clegg has advocated releasing parent […]