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The Skyscraper Scrap

The Skyscraper Scrap – London has had some grand plans laid out for it architecturally, notably the development of quite a few skyscrapers. These grandiose projects are however being denounced as delusional, due to the lack of funding being provided by sponsors.
A letting crisis
The Shard, London’s most notable new skyscraper, towering some 310 metres above London Bridge Station lies mostly vacant. It is however the partially constructed Pinnacle, the most recent example of such exploits, which has been paused. . The patrons of the Pinnacle […]

Selling Prices of Properties throughout England

In March 2011, the Land Registry released data on property sales that took place in February 2011 across England and Wales. The average house price at that time was £161,588 but the actual sale prices vary greatly. Since then the data has been continuously updated. The properties listed are either detached, semi-detached, terraced or flats/maisonettes. Today I’m going to find out how much the cheapest and most expensive properties sold for in each region this year and what postcode they were located in. Properties can […]

How to maintain a brick home

Any residential landlord should know the value of maintaining an attractive exterior to their property. It is a well known fact that kerb appeal applies equally to tenants as it does to homeowners. A landlord should strive to keep his property looking attractive by inspecting it regularly, and by covering the shell of the building in his residential landlord insurance he will be sure upkeep is always possible.
As hard as bricks
Brick is one of the most durable of all the products that can be used […]

Opportunity for landlords in private sector interested in small units

Private landlords looking to expand their portfolio may well be advised to look for landlord insurance on smaller units if the warnings issued by the bosses of big organisations in the social housing sector are anything to go by.
Changes in bill could cause problems
Two of the biggest names in the social housing sector gave evidence to the MP’s committee considering the changes to the Welfare Reform Bill, and both highlighted concerns over the lack of smaller properties.
David Orr, the Chief Executive of the National Housing […]

No improvement in housing market anticipated yet

As the latest forecasts for the housing market in 2011 from banks and building societies filter through, and the announcement of lending figures for December 2010 hit the headlines, it would appear there are still opportunities for landlords prepared to buy properties and back up their purchases with landlord insurance.
House prices dropping
Once more a building society, this time Nationwide, has announced that real estate prices dropped in December. According to their figures, it is the fifth drop recorded in the last seven months and if […]