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My Tenants Experienced a Burglary Just Before Christmas, Are They Covered?

“I’ve just been informed by my tenants that they have been burgled; the back door has been severely damaged and all of their Christmas present have been stolen. I need to know what is covered by my Insurance so that these damages can be repaired and hopefully my tenants can receive some compensation for the contents that have been stolen.”
The Crime that Spikes Around Christmas & Why
It is not uncommon for there to be a spike in the number of break-ins around this time of […]

Case Study: My Neighbour Has Flooded My Flat

The Scenario
A landlord who is currently letting out one of their flats has recently had news that the tenants that live above the flat have left the bath running and flooded their property which has resulted in a soggy ceiling. The question is, who pays the insurance excess?
The Outcome
The first question to answer is “who’s to blame?” and in this situation the obvious answer would be the tenants from upstairs who left the tap running, but maybe there is more to the story. It is […]