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What the Frack?

There are usually a number of issues that can have an impact on property owners, including noisy neighbours and flooding. Now there may be one more element to compete with, fracking!
Fracking is a way of extracting natural gases from the ground which can then be used as the energy to power a home. However, this method has already caused a few small earthquakes in the UK.
The method of fracking splits open the rock beneath the ground which is then pumped with chemicals to release methane […]

A 40 Per Cent Drop in House Sales Over the Last Five Years

A 40 Per Cent Drop in House Sales Over the Last Five Years
As we all know moving house is getting tougher and tougher but now it appears that activity in the housing market is slowly collapsing as it is now down by two fifths over the last five years.
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) conducted a report and found that during the three months up to May there were only 15 completed sales for each surveyor, compared to the same time in 2007, which […]

Finding a Great Location

For many property hunters, an important consideration is where their potential home is located. When searching for a buy to let property, you need to have an idea of the key features of an area which will be appealing to prospective tenants. For example:
Number One Areas
There are always well known areas that are extremely desirable and as a result, very competitively priced. If you are unable to secure a property in your ideal location, the best alternative is to find a property which is just […]

Ever come across an accidental landlord?

You probably won’t have failed to notice the fact that there is an increasing number of “accidental” landlords coming to the fore.
The term has been coined from the fact that many property owners have been forced to become landlords due to the fact that they have been unable to sell their property. Thus the only alternative, to some, is to rent their property out to grateful tenants instead of waiting for the right buyer!
Is letting your property a disaster?
If you have found yourself to be […]

Lighting and Landlords

So far this week we’ve blogged about the importance of internet access and televisions within the modern home and today we are very much in keeping with the week’s theme of electronic necessities by discussing lighting.
Having lights that work in a property is, of course, an obvious point. However, what I’m specifically getting at is the effect that different lighting can have on a home.
A particular favourite type of lighting for me is spotlights. They create a modern, stylish effect however they can be a […]

Televisions and Landlords

To keep in tune (forgive the pun) with my recent post about internet packages, I am again discussing general items that have a big impact on tenants and landlords. Today we’re talking televisions! It’s a focal point of most living rooms and many people in this day and age (including myself) simply cannot live without one.
Digital Switchover
I’m sure you’ll also be aware that in the digital switchover has already begun and will continue for the next few months. Depending on where you are located the […]

Development for Social Housing Fraud

Last week we blogged about the proposal that the Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, was to make it illegal for landlords to sublet their homes with punishments such as two years imprisonment and a hefty fine included in the plans. Well this week, there has been a further development on the story, as it seems that it’s not just us here at PropertyQuoteDirect that agree with the proposed plans!
Backing for Plans
Paul Shamplina, of Landlord Action, has said that he is fully behind the plans as he […]

Property Markets Depend on Location

The news surrounding the property and housing market throughout 2011, and particularly in recent months and weeks, has been somewhat varied. From year high property sales to a gloomy housing market, property prices fluctuating, and increasing numbers of property millionaires being created, it really does seem that, depending on wherever you are located within the UK, you could be experiencing a frugal property market, or alternatively a very depressed property market. And the latest research that has been carried out by Zoopla serves to confirm […]

Up and Down Property Prices

In the news this week there has been a lot of talk about property prices around the UK. Some are rising, mainly London, but most seem to be declining still.
Amongst those that have seen declining prices is Scotland. The Scottish property market has seen prices declining over the past 12 months on the whole. However this has been calculated off the back of a three month period in the summer where prices rose by a total of 1.5%. October put a stop to this however […]

New Beginnings

An estate agency, specifically Connells in Leamington, has urged those homeowners looking to sell their property at the turn of the New Year to ensure their property is ready for, what is, a traditional New Year rush.
Prime Time
Connells have stated that January is a prime time for people to move home, and buyers are likely to begin looking around the property market for a new home at the beginning of the New Year. New year, new start and all that…
For those selling up, in order […]