Lighting and Landlords


So far this week we’ve blogged about the importance of internet access and televisions within the modern home and today we are very much in keeping with the week’s theme of electronic necessities by discussing lighting.

Having lights that work in a property is, of course, an obvious point. However, what I’m specifically getting at is the effect that different lighting can have on a home.


A particular favourite type of lighting for me is spotlights. They create a modern, stylish effect however they can be a hassle if any of the bulbs blow. Finding the correct replacement bulb, in my experience, can take some hunting around!

Furthermore, many properties these days will be fitted with environmentally friendly efficient bulbs. These are fantastic, not only for the environment, but for your wallet also as they are cheap and last a long time! Perhaps spotlights in the living room and bedroom, and energy efficient bulbs in the other rooms for me…

Adjusting the Brightness

In addition, it’s always great to be able to adjust the brightness of a room’s lighting. Some would suggest that “mood lighting” is always good fun, however, that, for me, is all a little clichéd. I instead like to call it a dimmer switch. Sometimes, after a long days work, when you’re eyes are a little sore and you’re feeling tired, it’s nice to be able to dim the lights in order to create a softer effect.

Selling Point

Many landlords, I’ve noticed, have in recent years turned to installing spotlights when renovating properties. I’ve lived in a number of properties where the spotlights have been a particular selling point because of the look and feel of them in the room. Many landlords therefore, in my experience at least, enjoy offering spotlights as something a bit more luxurious. Many landlords may also provide additional table lamps. However, when supplying such additions in your property, then it may be worth including such details when applying for landlord insurance quotes.

Of course electrical safety is of paramount importance to landlords and tenants and if you are to provide additional lamps then it will be important to ensure they are wired correctly and that the warning labels are still attached to the items.

That goes for the television and the internet box too.

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