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Top tips for tenant screening and reference checks

Let’s try and get your tenant selection right the first time
A property is one of the most valuable assets a person will own in their lifetime and therefore in an ideal world this asset will have minimal risk and therefore minimal damage or value depreciation.
Lets talk through the dos and don’ts when it comes to finding the right tenants to occupy your properties.
Do you have an ideal tenant in mind?
I’m sure we would all like some tenants who have a regular income, don’t smoke, don’t […]

Five year deal offered by charity based lettings agency

Real letting deals for real people
As the property market in London continues to boom, a charity that specialises in helping homeless people is looking to set up an agreement with landlords that will benefit all parties concerned in the letting sector.
Booming rental market
It is no secret that landlords in the capital are achieving record rents month after month as tenants fall over themselves in the rush to acquire a decent property. Property investors with an interest in making huge profits are snapping up homes quicker […]

Assured shorthold tenancy – How long should your tenancy be for?

Assured shorthold tenancy, definition:
An assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement can be granted by a landlord for a fixed period, such as six months. Tenancies of this nature are known as fixed term tenancies. If the landlord does not renew the tenancy agreement at the end of this stated period, it becomes a statutory periodic assured shorthold tenancy (AST). This is a tenancy where the original terms remain in place, except that it now proceeds from period to period, depending on when the rent was required […]

Rent Loss and Rent Guarantee Insurance Explained

The options available to guarantee that you receive your rent
Rent policy cover should be considered if you are leasing out one of your properties or considering a buy to let option to protect you from any threat that may affect your property. Below, we have provided a simple explanation on the types of cover options available.
What is rent loss insurance?
Rent loss insurance refers to the loss of rental income or rental value due to property damage caused by an external hazard that leaves the property […]