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Letting a Property Furnished or Unfurnished?

Letting a Property Furnished or Unfurnished?
With a very competitive rental market at the moment you want to make sure that your property has the edge on others in the same area. Many landlords do this by furnishing the property so it is an easy move, especially for those who are moving out of their family home. It means that they don’t have to worry about saving extra money for furniture as it is already going to be supplied. Often furnished properties find tenants quicker because […]

Should Landlords Accept Children?

Last week, we blogged about whether landlords should accept tenants with pets. This week, we’ve been thinking about whether landlords should accept children. In the UK, landlords are able to choose who they let to, and who they don’t. Many countries don’t allow this flexibility, and landlords are not able to refuse a tenancy to someone with children.

Friday Five – Worst Christmas Decorations

This Christmas it’s vital you make sure your property insurance covers the contents of your home! Nobody wants to end up having the tacky Christmas decorations for all the family to see! So we’re here to help you avoid all those irrelevant decorations, here’s our Top 5:
5 – Fake Christmas Presents
There’s nothing better than a little kid on Christmas day thinking they’ve got more presents to come from the tree, and to then find out it’s just a decoration! These decorations are also irrelevant as […]

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Excesses

Insurance Excesses – We’ve all been watching closely as Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast in the last week, causing loss of life and tremendous devastation. There may however be some slight relief for the thousands of property owners hit as the Hurricane was in fact downgraded to a “Post-Tropical Cyclone” before hitting the coast.
Why does this matter?
The fact that the Hurricane was downgraded means that homeowners may not have to pay out the same excesses (or deductibles) on their property insurance as would […]

The Future of Buy-to-Let Lending

The Future of Buy-to-Let Lending
It’s difficult to tell whether the Euro crisis has reached a stage where everything has calmed sufficiently to allow headline writers a period of rest, or it’s got to the stage where the intricacies of the package required to save the currency have become so complex they’re just not worth publishing, but either way, we have reached something of a financial plateau in the UK. Indicators aren’t improving, but with Christmas well on the way, things aren’t necessarily getting worse. However, […]

The Friday Five – Ways to Add Value

Our Friday Five this week is all about different ways to add value to your property, be it in your own home, or a rental property for landlords. Enjoy!
5. Pave over the front garden
If you live in an urban area, paving over your garden will probably add as much as £50,000 to your property’s value, considering the premium of parking. Whilst planning permission may be needed, the £10-20,000 needed to create a paved area could prove to be a considerable investment.
4. Get rid of the […]

NewBuy Scheme – What you need to know

By now we have all heard of the NewBuy Scheme that was organised by the Government in the early part of the year to help first-time buyers get on to the property ladder. Many are still left confused about what the scheme entails and who qualifies for it. So here at PropertyQuoteDirect we have put together some information that is essential for those trying to get on the infamous ladder.
The NewBuy Scheme
We may have all heard about the scheme but what is it? Well if […]

Second steppers are struggling in Scotland

For most of us, we only expect to need to borrow a deposit for a property the first time we buy. However, for many, they have to ask their parents for more money when buying their second home. “Second steppers” in Scotland have to ask for even more money the second time they want to move because getting a loan for a property is becoming even tougher to get.
Nearly one in six of these second steppers are having to ask for a contribution as the […]