Know your potential tenants


A small investment into your let property can gain a lot of traction

The current high demand for good accommodation has meant that landlords can go out and buy the cheapest landlord insurance on new buildings with the confidence their tenants will look after the property. With tenants in good supply it is good time to expand and many private landlords are doing just that.

Of course it is important to know exactly what sort of tenant the new property will appeal to, it will help target any advertising and at the same time possibly cut down on advertising costs. If you plan to rent out your property to “mid-range” tenants (neither luxury nor budget) then here are some ideas.

Consider different flooring options

Wood flooring is very popular and would suit younger professional couples as the hard, slippery surface may not be the best option for children and elderly people. You may also have some noise problems, but a large rug or two strategically placed could be a solution. You would like a nice, quality carpet for bedrooms and stairs, and quality vinyl or laminate tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.

Wallpaper will add character

You might like to invest in wallpaper for living rooms and bedrooms, it will add character and value to the property. Use special, fortified paints for kitchens and bathrooms to prevent mould and grease build-up.

Try different colours for each room to make it look individual but remember to stick to neutral white gloss for woodwork such as door architraves and skirting board. It is without doubt the safest option and clean white gloss paint will appeal to prospective tenants when they look around the property.

Traditional and contemporary

Traditional oak or pine furniture may not look “in” or particularly individual, but it is something that will never go out of fashion and has wide appeal so it would be a good investment. If you prefer a modern look choose minimalist designs which have also stood the test of time and may appeal to the young couple.

It is always a good idea to choose your furniture depending on the lifestyle and needs of the residents. Remember a furnished rental property means you will have to arrange home property insurance for the contents.

Optimising outdoor space

Even if your let property has the smallest of gardens it is still outdoor space which is viewed as attractive by many potential tenants. By investing in some quality garden furniture you can turn a small dingy garden into a tranquil get away. Quality doesn’t always have to mean expensive, shop around to find a simple garden set that fits in with your property.

Curtains and blinds

Cotton sheers will give a nice clean look and cooling protection in summer. Busy professionals might like black out curtains and blinds that will secure them a good nights sleep. Choose curtains and blinds that are made from natural materials if you can, which are better quality.

Original and unusual lighting will attract

Using lots of lamps in different heights is an interesting way to create romantic lighting at night; this technique is often used in mid-range hotels. Like furniture you can choose different kinds of lighting depending on the functionality of the room but lighting that is slightly unusual will certainly be noticed by interested parties.
Quick DIY tips to add value to your property

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