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Landlords with unoccupied properties between tenants

Typically, when a tenant moves out, there is likely to be a period when the property is empty before a new tenant moves in. Every landlord wants this empty period to be as short as possible because each day will be costing money. This empty period means there are some jobs which a landlord needs to do.
Additional costs to the landlord
As soon as a tenant leaves, it becomes the responsibility of the landlord to pay council tax on his property. However, any property that remains […]

First time landlord advice from Property Quote Direct

The pros and cons of being a landlord
A landlord is someone who owns a property and then rents it out to a tenant. When things are going right it largely consists of collecting rent on time, doing all safety checks and maintaining the property. However, at its worst it can involve dealing with nuisance tenants who may damage the property, filing insurance claims and even paying out bills on a property that is empty.
Becoming a landlord for the first time requires careful consideration. Before buying […]

Best Practices for Landlords Obtaining Tenant References

Before you let your property to new tenants, it’s in your best interest to obtain tenant references for your them. This will help you to avoid any potential risks – e.g. tenants who have defaulted on the rent before, or damaged properties which they have lived in previously.
Additionally, some Landlord Insurance policies may be rendered void if you let to certain types of tenants –  as such, obtaining thorough, accurate references from your tenants is essential, as if you do not, it may affect your ability to claim on your insurance […]

Rent Loss and Rent Guarantee Insurance Explained

The options available to guarantee that you receive your rent
Rent policy cover should be considered if you are leasing out one of your properties or considering a buy to let option to protect you from any threat that may affect your property. Below, we have provided a simple explanation on the types of cover options available.
What is rent loss insurance?
Rent loss insurance refers to the loss of rental income or rental value due to property damage caused by an external hazard that leaves the property […]