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Amount of Homeowners taking in Lodgers is on the Rise

For the seventh year in the row the amount of homeowners that are taking in lodgers has risen, however research has suggested that thirty seven per cent of these homeowners may not be properly insured. conducted a survey of ‘live-in landlords’ and found that thirty three per cent didn’t realise that having a lodger could invalidate their home insurance, whilst another twenty nine per cent said their insurance provider doesn’t offer add-ons to their policies in order to cover them for having […]

Landlords Warned to Check Rent Guarantee Policies

Earlier on today financial website This is Money revealed that even though most landlords now invest in some sort of landlords insurance, not all policies will cover them in the event that they lose money due to tenants falling into rental arrears. They note that most landlord policies include building and contents, emergency assistance, and legal cover, but not all protect landlords against tenants that can’t, or won’t, pay their rent.
This comes after Templeton RPA has reported that the number of tenants that are […]

Quick solution to nightmare tenants offered by new website

A team of lawyers are offering property investors a quick and easy option to get rid of troublesome tenants at cut price expense.
It can be a long and tortuous process for any landlord to get rid of a tenant who is causing trouble and it often impacts on their landlord insurance policy, however, help may now be at hand. Moore Blatch are recognised as experts in repossession law and now they are offering landlords an online service to free themselves of nightmare tenants. The website […]

Landlords offered cheap loans in coastal resort

Property investors looking for new opportunities may want to consider a letting business in the coastal town of Withernsea, Lincolnshire as the local council looks to offer landlords in the town loans for improving properties.
The scheme is to be operated in five areas of the run down town and the council say there is up to £1 million up for grabs for property owners with an interest in landlord insurance. The project will offer homeowners and landlords low coast loans to improve their properties in […]

Thin end of the wedge?

With the confirmation that private landlords in Northern Ireland will now be allowed direct payment from housing benefits when applicable, landlords in the rest of the UK are asking why they can’t be treated the same.
It has long been a bone of contention for private landlords that they cannot be paid direct from housing benefit and it has led to many landlords refusing to take tenants who are on housing benefit fearing their clients will fall into arrears. Now that Lord Freud, the Welfare Minister, […]

Private landlords urged to ensure they are fully covered for triple threat

The ever changing weather patterns are leading to problems for property owners in the United Kingdom. One of these is the increased likelihood of ground movements and the consequent damage to property. Because of this landlords are being urged to review their landlord insurance policy to ensure they have adequate cover for subsidence, heave and landslip.
The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors estimates that there are around 31,000 insurance claims each year for subsidence which costs the industry more than £150 million. Private landlords with properties […]

Foundation urges Tax Breaks for Private landlords

A leading charity is proposing that private landlords in the UK should be given more tax incentives to help them provide answers to the country’s current housing crisis.
In what is bound to be seen as good news for holders of landlord insurance policies, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a leading anti-poverty group have advocated tax breaks for property owners who are considering adding to their rental portfolios. In a report titled “Housing options and solutions for young people in 2020” the foundation estimate that up to […]