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Can we predict what will happen to the Property Markets in 2015?

Image of House and Money on Scales2014 was a turbulent year for anyone whose business relied upon the property markets regardless of whether you were letting houses, mansions, flats or houseboats as you would likely have been affected by the boom in property prices across the country. Midway through the year we saw numerous experts stating that they were concerned inflating property prices could eventually lead to another market crash, however by the end of the year the […]

Landlords and Loans: How new Regulations could hinder the Private Rental Market

Image of financial paperworkNot long ago landlords had an array of dedicated financial products to choose from along with special offers created specifically to entice them to expand their property portfolios. However, recent reports have suggested that over the past few months landlords have found it increasingly difficult to have their applications approved due to regulations set out by the EU and the UK government.

UK Housing Market Begins to Cool

Image of HousesA few months ago you would be forgiven for thinking that the UK was heading for another housing bubble as house prices soared and a growing number of people were unable to afford properties, especially in London and the South East. After years of issues caused by the recession the market had finally started to pick up – so much so that many thought the growth was unstable and would ultimately leave the UK housing market […]

Labour Party to block Buy-to-Let Investors

Image of Ed MilibandOver the past few weeks some of the biggest political parties in the UK have been hosting their last conferences before next year’s General Election. As expected, the leaders of each of these parties took the opportunity to announce a number of new policies which will affect both those living in the UK and investors. However, for Labour party leader Ed Miliband his speech will be remembered more for the fact that he did not […]

Should the Bank of England have more control over the Housing Market?

Image of Mark CarneySince the housing market crashed in 2008 the Bank of England has worked closely with the UK government in order to improve house prices and increase activity in the market. Now, the recession is finally over and throughout the year house prices have been increasing at a rapid rate, showing a growing amount of demand in the market.

Aftermath of the Scottish Independence Vote

Previously we wrote about what the vote for Scottish independence meant to the property market and now a decision has been reached we have a better insight into what the future holds.
The entire country was holding their breath last night to find out if Scotland would become an independent country. Since the result was revealed as No to Independence in theory nothing should change, however for many there will be a psychological change and not just in […]

The Hottest Property Markets in Britain

In order to stay ahead of the game landlords need to keep a keen eye on the property market as it enables them to buy and sell properties at opportune times. For instance, a number of landlords started expanding their property portfolios a few years ago when demand began to increase, and now most of these landlords are making a considerable amount of income each and every month. However, it’s not easy knowing where and when to buy property in the UK, especially as the […]

Bank of England Targets Buy-to-Let Market

Just a few weeks ago PropertyQuoteDirect reported on the Bank of England’s new criteria for personal mortgages. At the time, those that work in the private rental sector were unsure of whether the Bank would also bring in harsher regulations for buy-to-let mortgages, and recently they have admitted that they have been considering it. However, even though the Bank of England have stated that they are looking into changing lending criteria for buy to let mortgages, they have no official plans as of […]

Mortgages to be capped at 4.5 times Household Income

As house prices have continued to rise the Bank of England have been put under pressure to increase their interest rates in order to avoid another housing bubble. However, the Bank claimed that they were wary of doing this as a large percentage of the UK population are still struggling with the cost of living which means that if interest rates were increased households could start defaulting on their mortgage repayments. This is why the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) met […]

What will stop the housing bubble?

There have been concerns recently that the property market is unstable and that even though the UK is currently recovering from the recession if the government doesn’t do something soon we may see another market crash. To make matters worse, not all parts of the UK are seeing the same rise in property prices as others, meaning that it is becoming difficult to afford properties in London and the south east while markets in other areas of the country are still struggling.
However, we are […]