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Landlords called not to evict tenants affected by bedroom tax

In the past few weeks we have been discussing how landlords and local councils across the UK have been trying to find ways to help their tenants that will be adversely affected by the upcoming bedroom tax, and now it seems some are taking even more extreme measures. For example, in Scotland, Dundee City Council have decided that they will not evict social housing tenants who struggle to pay their rent after their housing benefits are cut as part of the scheme.
The Council is […]

Ex-Metropolitan Police to be evicted from North London home

London is becoming known as one of the most difficult places to find affordable private rented accommodation in the whole of the UK, and with the increase in rent prices and upcoming cap on housing benefits it looks like this is set to continue. Now it has been revealed that even the Metropolitan police are having to give up properties at the end of their lease agreements, even though those living there used to work for the police force and claim they have nowhere […]

Tenants Worried About Their Future after More Families Told to Leave

Anxious families living at former RAF Coltishall claim they are living in daily fear of eviction after six households have been given just two months to move out. The landlord, Annington Homes, bought almost four-hundred former MoD (Ministry of Defence) homes on the base and they have been gradually moving its tenants out and selling the properties.
Annington Homes say they are acting in accordance with the tenancy agreements and have offered tenants the chance to buy their homes at a significant discount. But many say […]

Housing benefit cap will force tenants out of their home

Up to 82,000 people could lose their homes as a direct result of the changes to the housing benefit rules.
It has been claimed today in a survey of private landlords carried out by London councils, that 60% of them will refuse to lower rents so that their tenants would be able to stay in the property. In fact many say that they would rather evict or refuse to renew the tenancy when the current one ends.
The Coalition Government announced the changes to the local housing […]

Landlords pay the price of possession

As landlords consider how best to gain from the current boom in demand for rented properties, a stark warning from the National Landlord Association (NLA) puts into focus how important it is to choose the right tenant.
The report from the NLA revealed that, of landlords surveyed, 47% of those forced to re- possess their properties did so due to rent arrears. The next most common cause was anti social behaviour which accounted for another 23%.
Fortunately 33% of landlords have never had recourse to possess their […]

Repossessions continue to fall

Figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) suggest that landlords as well as home-owners are managing their purse strings a little better as the fragile financial recovery continues.
The CML report shows that property repossessions in the second quarter of 2010 fell to 9,400 a drop of 400 on the January to March figures. Although this suggests that the recovery is still on track, a property expert urged caution and diligence to would be residential landlords looking to enter the business.
Tom Entwhistle, a director […]