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Carbon Monoxide for Landlords and Tenants

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Carbon Monoxide for Landlords and Tenants
These days nearly everyone makes sure that their homes are protected with fire alarms, however some forget a similarly important gadget: carbon monoxide alarms. In some cases, carbon monoxide can be even more dangerous than fire and smoke as […]

Large percentage of landlords concerned by Universal Credit

Since Universal Credit was introduced as part of the welfare reforms a few months ago there have been numerous reports from private landlords and housing associations claiming that their businesses and their tenants are suffering as a result. Understandably, many are concerned that their tenants will fall into rent arrears which will lead them having to claim on their rent guarantee insurance or have to cover the costs out of their own income.

Landlords angered over new Immigration Bill

It was announced on Wednesday during the Queen’s Speech that landlords will soon have to personally vet all their potential tenants before letting them a property in order to make sure that they are in the country legally. The plan is part of the new Immigration Bill which was created in order to tackle not only how long and what rights legal immigrants have, but also to start decreasing the amount of people that are in the UK illegally.

Course helps Residents deal with Landlords

Arguments between landlords and tenants often happen due to a misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge concerning a regulation and what is expected of one another. Therefore, in many of our posts we try and explain to landlords everything that is happening in the industry at the time, so that they can improve their knowledge and know exactly where they stand when it comes to their businesses.

Minister concerned over Welfare Reforms

The welfare reforms are due to come into effect in just over one month’s time, which is causing many anxious landlords, tenants and MPs to start becoming even more vocal with their concerns. The reforms will mostly affect those that receive housing benefits, as they way that they are paid is going to change along with the amount many families in the UK will receive. Landlords have already been planning for the changes by talking to their tenants and protecting themselves with landlord […]

Tenants destroy house in Grimsby

Most landlords are extremely wary when it comes to choosing which tenants live in their properties, mainly due to the fact that if the tenants fail to pay rent or damage the property they would have to rely on their landlord insurance in order to pay for damages or lost income. One landlord in Grimsby found this out the hard way after the tenants in one of his properties failed to pay him £1,200 in rent, and after they were evicted he found that […]

Landlords offered help with Drug Farmers

Landlords are often wary when it comes to choosing tenants for their properties, as they want to make sure that the tenants not only pay their rent on time but also look after the property. Landlord insurance can often help when tenants damage properties or fail to pay their rent on time, however police in South Shields, Tyne and Wear and now warning that landlords could end up having to pay out large amounts of money if their tenants are found to be drug […]

Council in Scotland finds new ways to deal with Homeless

The Highland Council in Scotland has come up with a new way to deal with the housing crisis that is affecting not only their country, but the whole of the UK. Due to the increase in the cost of living and the lack of wages, many people are now finding themselves homeless, which is why it is important for landlords to invest in landlord insurance in case they start experiencing problems with their tenants paying rent.
At the moment, those that find themselves homeless in […]

Landlord issues list of 31 rules to potential Tenants

Most landlords have rules that they expect their tenants to adhere to, especially if you are a live-in landlord who doesn’t want their daily life disrupted by an inconsiderate new roommate. However in an article published by the Daily Mail yesterday a woman revealed a list of thirty one rules that the landlord had given her – and she hadn’t even agreed to move in!
The live-in landlord provided the list to the young woman when she came to view the property, and she was […]

Tenants Evicted over Organising Theft from Previous Home

Two tenants have been evicted from their properties after organising the theft of the boiler from their previous home. As of the New Year both the tenants will be removed from their properties after District Judge Birkby said that Thomas Smith, 37, and his daughter Melanie Smith, 22, showed no remorse for a serious crime that could have potentially resulted in the loss of life.
The pair, both from Kyle Crescent, Southey Green, have until the 25th of January to leave their current homes of […]