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Should Landlords Stop Taking Deposits from Tenants?

The owner of the company KIS Lettings, Ajay Jagota, has argued that asking tenants for a deposit before moving into their property is outdated and should be scrapped by landlords. Jagota has already adapted this technique and has found that it has proved beneficial for both himself and his tenants.
Jagota claims that deposits are a relic from a bygone age and that asking a tenant for a deposit on a property can create an uneasy relationship from early on. “Landlord-tenant relationships are ideally long-term […]

Quick solution to nightmare tenants offered by new website

A team of lawyers are offering property investors a quick and easy option to get rid of troublesome tenants at cut price expense.
It can be a long and tortuous process for any landlord to get rid of a tenant who is causing trouble and it often impacts on their landlord insurance policy, however, help may now be at hand. Moore Blatch are recognised as experts in repossession law and now they are offering landlords an online service to free themselves of nightmare tenants. The website […]

Percentage of landlords owning their properties outright continues to grow

Although analysts of the London property scene believe rents have reached their peak in central parts of the capital, evidence that investors are still looking to purchase property insurance on homes they intend to rent out is plentiful.
A report by Business Development Research Consultants, Continental (BDRC), shows that the number of landlords who own their properties outright is growing by 10% according to BDRC Director Mark Long. He emphasised the point when speaking at the industry sponsored Mortgage Event. A survey by BDRC found that […]

Rent returns in Central London beginning to slip

As landlords in the rest of the country continue to see rental achievements go through the roof, landlords in London are being advised to be realistic about their charges as the property pendulum starts to swing the other way.
Throughout the last five years of continued growth in the private rental market property investors have been falling over themselves purchasing buy-to-let insurance on appropriate properties in Central London. Earlier this year rents were higher than they have ever been before and most residential landlords in the […]

Novice landlords need to get inventory correct to avoid disputes

The AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) has warned all novice landlords that they are at risk of deposit disputes if they fail to prepare all the correct paperwork.
There has been a massive increase in the number of accidental landlords over the last couple of years as many home owners are forced into renting their property due to various circumstances that range from negative equity to the depressed housing market and even couples getting divorced. It is this sort of landlord, who often moves into […]

Landlord organisation enjoys an upsurge in membership

The increasing number of property investors buying landlord insurance policies has been reflected in the swelling membership of the South West Landlords Association (SWLA).
For the first time ever, membership of the SWLA has passed 600 and with 73 new members signing up in 2013, a rise of 12% and dozens more with pending applications, the organisation has never been in better stead. A big difference has been made by the SWLA offering accreditation training courses which have proved popular with landlords and local councils including […]

Landlords warned about rogue letting agents

As the boom in the letting sector shows no sign of easing property investors with an interest in landlord insurance are being urged to choose carefully when it comes to selecting a letting agent.
With still no sign of an official national regulation body in sight, the Property Ombudsman is reporting an ever growing number of complaints surrounding private letting arrangements. It is a fact that more and more estate agents are moving over to the lettings sector as house sales crumble, and that the growth […]

Tenant Survey Suggests Private Sector Landlords are doing a Good Job

A survey conducted by a leading landlord organisation suggests that landlords and tenants in the UK are “getting on” better than ever before.
The very first Quarterly Tenants Index (QTI) survey was completed by the National Landlords Association (NLA) earlier this year and the results should be pleasing to landlords and tenants alike. In all over 2000 people who live in property covered by landlord insurance quotes were questioned, and a resounding 4 out of 5 said they were happy with their landlord. The survey also […]

Insurance Premiums Dependant On the Right Type of Client

Property investors looking for a good deal on landlord insurance should be careful when choosing their tenants, according to a report from a leading online letting agency.
David Lawrenson from has many years of experience in the private rental sector and said picking the right type of client is equally as important as selecting the right type of property. He said: “Landlords may find some insurers are reluctant to cover certain types of renters, for instance leasing a property to students or people in receipt […]

Charity Urges Tenants to Claim Back Admin Fees

A well known housing charity in Scotland is encouraging tenants to reclaim thousands of pounds of cash paid out in administration fees, and at the same time are warning property investors with an interest in landlord insurance to steer clear of unscrupulous letting agents.
The charity, Shelter Scotland, has launched a “Reclaim Your Fees” campaign throughout the country and is advising tenants in private housing that charges by letting agents for administration costs or reference checking is currently illegal and that they should request the money […]