Quick solution to nightmare tenants offered by new website

A team of lawyers are offering property investors a quick and easy option to get rid of troublesome tenants at cut price expense.

It can be a long and tortuous process for any landlord to get rid of a tenant who is causing trouble and it often impacts on their landlord insurance policy, however, help may now be at hand. Moore Blatch are recognised as experts in repossession law and now they are offering landlords an online service to free themselves of nightmare tenants. The website PropertyReclaim.com uses technology that has already handled thousands of property repossessions and promises to deliver a similar service to landlords that have been taken for granted in the mortgage lender section for many years.

The PropertyReclaim.com website provides an easy to follow, 5-step, online system for the entire legal process of all claims and although it is essentially an online service Moore Blatch say they will certainly be able to facilitate phone users wanting to sign up for the service. Paul Walshe, head of Property Reclaim at Moore Blatch, said “Reclaiming properties from problem tenants can be a lengthy and problematic process. We have developed this website to streamline proceedings and with our expert team on hand to help at any point we believe we can find the best resolution for the claimant as quickly as possible.”

Property Reclaim is confident they can process many claims within a day but say they can guarantee the process will be complete in 48 hours of instruction. They are confident the technology they use will eliminate any delay in the process and hand back control of the property in the shortest possible time. The online system gives landlords and agent’s certainty of price and service with each step of the process conducted starting from £10.

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