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Social Housing issues continue to blight the UK

Image of Tower BlockYou would be forgiven for thinking that the UK’s housing crisis is on its way out, especially with daily news reports claiming that the amount of prospective buyers looking to purchase properties is outstripping current supplies.  However, the truth is that we still have a long way to go when it comes to fixing the issues in the UK’s housing market, a fact that has been highlighted by recent reports concerning social housing issues across […]

Bristol Housing Associations introduce ‘housing speed dating’

Due to the introduction of the bedroom tax as part of the welfare reforms, many social housing tenants are being forced to move into smaller properties in order to avoid having their housing benefits cut. However, many have said that that they struggle to find a new property, and that the process of looking for a new place to live takes a considerable amount of time, meanwhile they are losing money and struggle to pay other bills.

Housing Shortage harming most Vulnerable Families

The housing shortage across the UK is harming some of the most vulnerable families according to Judge Nicholas Crichton, who has also claimed that it is the children of most of these families that are the ones losing out. He went on to say that it is difficult for parents who are attempting to be reunited with their children who have been put into care, as there is very little safe and affordable housing, meaning that many are living in tower blocks with “drug […]

Landlords worse off due to Universal Credit

After months of landlords and MPs voicing their concerns over the new welfare reforms, this Monday they officially came into effect, meaning that those that receive benefits are now facing a myriad of changes in the way that they receive benefits, as well as how much they are entitled to. Landlords have been concerned that the introduction of a cap on benefits will lead to many of their tenants falling into rent arrears, and without a landlord insurance policy with rent guarantee included many […]

Birkenhead MP calls on social landlords to help tenants

The reaction to the upcoming bedroom tax is becoming more and more extreme recently, as at first there were social landlords claiming that they thought it was unfair, but now there have been protests and MPs calling on social landlords to protect their tenants by any means possible. For instance, Frank Field, an MP for Birkenhead in Wirral has said that he wants councils and housing associations to take direct action to help their tenants and even ‘knock down walls’.
In a debate over the upcoming […]

New immigration plans could lead to more Rogue Landlords

Immigration is quite a complex subject in England, especially as the housing crisis is leading to more and more people throughout the country struggling to find accommodation or even becoming homeless. The recent news that millions of people from Romania and Bulgaria will soon be legally allowed to immigrate to England has also raised even more concerns as some feel that public services in the country are already stretched beyond their means.
This is why David Cameron announced the other day that he plans to […]

Housing Association appoints new CEO

We have recently seen a marked increase in the amount of housing associations that are changing the structure of their organisations in order to prepare for the challenges that will come as a consequence of the welfare reforms. Many associations are concerned that they need to adapt in order to protect their tenants from any housing benefit cuts and improve the efficiency of their companies in order to help alleviate the housing crisis.
This is why Pickering and Ferens Homes, who are based in Hull […]

Social Housing Company puts future in Tenants’ Hands

Housing associations and social housing companies are having to make some difficult decisions recently, and many are concerned that the upcoming welfare reforms will mean things will only get harder. We have published numerous news articles recently discussing how private rented sector landlords are protecting themselves against the upcoming reforms with landlord insurance, however many housing associations and social housing companies are choosing to discuss with their tenants how the reforms will affect them.
One social housing company has gone even further though, and has […]

Housing Association’s Chair awarded MBE

Housing associations are under a large amount of pressure recently due to the fact that the current economic climate and housing crisis have created so many families in need. Many have been criticised in the news recently for not keeping up with demand, however one chair of a housing association has recently been awarded a massive accolade when she was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to community relations, social housing and diversity.
Janet Storar became chair of […]

Housing firm creates profit for parent company

Despite the continuing demand for more good-quality, affordable properties throughout the UK, house building companies are still struggling due to the economic climate. Landlords are therefore finding it hard to provide suitable accommodation for all their tenants, meaning that many are choosing to refurbish their properties and claim on their landlord insurance. However, the housing, regeneration and construction specialist Lovell, based in Mold, have recently announced that they have achieved a £47 million profit for their parent company the Morgan Sindall Group.
Even though […]