Housing Association appoints new CEO

We have recently seen a marked increase in the amount of housing associations that are changing the structure of their organisations in order to prepare for the challenges that will come as a consequence of the welfare reforms. Many associations are concerned that they need to adapt in order to protect their tenants from any housing benefit cuts and improve the efficiency of their companies in order to help alleviate the housing crisis.

This is why Pickering and Ferens Homes, who are based in Hull and helps those over the age of sixty, has recently appointed a new CEO in order to “future proof” its brand. The association has been running for around one hundred years now, and currently owns 1,250 properties and houses many elderly tenants across the Hull area, yet want to make sure they can continue to provide their services regardless of any changes made to the housing system in the future.

The association therefore chose Claire Warren in order to “breathe new life” into the charity, whom not only was previously the CEO of West North West Homes Leeds, but also has twenty three years’ experience working in the industry, and has even ran large council housing schemes with annual turnovers of £48 million. Discussing her new job role, Ms Warren said: “I am incredibly excited about what the future holds. I am very keen as part of my new role to raise the profile of older people in Hull and what their needs are.”

“It’s an organisation with so much potential and what really attracted me to Pickering and Ferens Homes is the fact that it’s a very successful, small organisation which is very well thought of. I want to build on the past and take the organisation forward in to the future, ensuring it is fit for new challenges and indeed new opportunities. I will be looking at ways we can enhance existing services and develop new ones in the most cost effective way. Listening, learning and adapting services where necessary will be key.”

Preparing for the future is important for any kind of landlord – whether they are part of a body or just have a personal property portfolio. If you want more advice on how to best serve your tenants and protect your livelihood you can always contact your landlord insurance provider who will be able to point you in the right direction and explain any upcoming changes in industry regulations.

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